There will be a ticket with a figure of Güemes and other heroes will return / Argentina News

President Alberto indicated that he has already instructed the Central Bank and that it is in response to the “immense merit” of the gaucho hero. 200 years have passed since his death

President Alberto Fernández announced this Thursday in Salta that the figure of General Martin Miguel de Güemes will be included in a legal circulation ticket in Argentina, in response to the “immense merit” of the gaucho hero, whose death is now 200 years old.

“I want to tell the people of Salta that I have given the order to the president of the Central Bank -Miguel Pesce- to include in the new issuance of banknotes the figure of General Güemes“said the President in Salta.

Fernández made these statements in a brief contact he maintained with some Salta media, at the conclusion of the official ceremony for the bicentennial of Güemes’ death, in the city of Salta, where he was with Governor Gustavo Sáenz, and members of his Cabinet, among other authorities.

An unofficial image that circulates on networks and shows what Güemes’ bill could be like.

The heroes return to Argentine banknotes

The President asked that “the tickets return San Martin, Belgrano Y Guemes, and considered that “that only has to do with the immense merit of Güemes, which once and for all I hope that the Argentines will recognize him, as they belatedly recognized so many heroes who were covered up by their status as popular leaders.”

The historical figures of Argentina, especially those related to the birth and organization of the country, were a constant in the evolution of Argentine banknotes. However, during the government of Mauricio Macri they were replaced with native animals.

The current Argentine banknotes, with native animals.

The current Argentine banknotes, with native animals.

He also assured that he was “very happy” to be able to participate in the acts in tribute to the gaucho hero in Salta, adding that “we are going through a very difficult time, but we are all going to work together to get ahead.”

The president arrived in Salta last night, where he took part in the ceremony of the traditional Guard Under the Stars, and today he was in the Pantheon of the North Glories, in the Basilica Cathedral, where the remains of the Salta general rest, and then head the central act at the foot of the monument erected in his honor.

The President made an announcement about the tickets that was well received in Salta.

The President made an announcement about the tickets that was well received in Salta.

A pride for Salta

Three days ago, Sáenz had assured that “we are very close” to stamping the figure of General Martín Miguel de Güemes and his gauchos on a legal tender bill, as part of the tributes for the bicentennial of the leader’s death, which occurred on June 17, 1821.

“We have repeatedly asked the national government and President Alberto Fernández, personally, that the figure of Güemes and the gauchos be stamped on a banknote, which is the complete sample of the sovereignty of a people and of the Homeland,” he said. on that occasion the Salta president.

In this sense, he revealed that he spoke with the president of the Casa de la Moneda, Rodolfo Gabrielli, and “we are very close”, after which he added: “I hope the President can announce it next June 17”, for today.

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