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Turns out that Cristiano Ronaldo is a fantastic actor. You have to be very innocent to believe that the footballer’s rudeness to Coca-Cola is the result of improvisation. It seems impossible to me that everything was not calculated, that is why I am so amazed by the naturalness of the Portuguese when removing the two bottles from the table; with agility, with indifference, with what they call ‘a pair’ and sweating seas of testosterone. A perfect shot to score the final goal: «Water».

“Water,” he said in that tone of an alpha male delighted with himself. And he was so hot, I understand, why I knew perfectly well what I had gone there for, the line of the script with which the now famous press conference had to begin. Does anyone remember what he said after the fart to the soda that sells almost 2 billion bottles a day worldwide?

What came next, everyone knows: Coca-Cola lost almost $ 4 billion in value on the stock market. I wonder if the previous calculations of Ronaldo’s advisers came close to that number or if they fell short. They had to make forecasts, various assumptions of the outcome of the play. Strategy in that universe, that of the very rich, in which nobody can stitch without a thread.

Cristiano’s gesture confirms, as I say, a self-awareness that goes beyond his relevance as an athlete. The man with the most followers on Instagram on the planet know the value of associating your image with another titan, even if it is against a brand for which he was an image 15 years ago. He sold as health what is only marketing and hypocrisy. He sought and achieved with that astonishing ease a fight of the egos of two giants on the same television plane.

Tantrums are amazingly contagious among children. If a kid starts one, those around him will almost instantly follow suit. They will be infected in the same way that butane gas bottles explode: out of sympathy. Seeing Pogba just one day after emulating the Portuguese is even embarrassing.

The French midfielder withdrew a bottle of Heineken (another European Cup sponsor) and left the cokes on the table. His gesture has not had the same impact, not even close. Neither naturalness nor agility nor testosterone. Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to drink it, he prefers to tell us in 20 seconds: “Hey, here the spark of life is me.”

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