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A deputy from the Civic Coalition asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take action on the matter. “They are selling us,” he warned

Opposition deputy Mariana Zuvic made a serious complaint against the Government: she assured that the Alberto Fernández administration gave Argentine waters for illegal fishing in exchange for Chinese vaccines against coronavirus.

“The geopolitics of vaccines meant the loss of thousands of lives and the handing over of sovereignty to both Russia and China,” declared the national legislator of the Civic Coalition.

Faced with this situation, he asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship to take measures. According to Zuvic, “The inappropriate use of the Automatic Identification System has been proven in foreign-flagged ships that are sailing near the edge of the outer limit of the Exclusive Economic Zone“.

The AIS to which it refers is the fishing activity monitoring system.

A report by the international organization Oceana identified foreign fleets that operate in the South Atlantic, right on the edge of Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which carry out regular practices of interrupting their identification and location systems in order to operate.

The deputy denounced that the Government gave Argentine waters for illegal fishing in exchange for vaccines

Argentine Sea instead of glaciers

Through this strategy, illicit activities such as illegal fishing, arms, drugs and human trafficking are covered up. In the last five years, ten illegal vessels from the following countries were captured: six Chinese, one Spanish, one Korean and one Portuguese.

That is why the opposition asked the Government to summon the diplomatic representatives of the flag states of the fishing vessels involved in the actions carried out and denounced as suspected of alleged wrongdoing to explain to the International Maritime Organization the intentional disconnection of the AIS, reports Clarin .

“It was not the glaciers, but the Argentine Sea to China, and the future of the Nation to Russia,” added Zuvic, referring to the statements of a medical adviser to Axel Kicillof who maintained that Pfizer requested a guarantee “glaciers and permits for fishing “to bring his vaccine to the country.

“They are selling us on the black market of geopolitics that will leave Argentina in the worst of worlds,” concluded the deputy.

“It was not the glaciers, but the Argentine Sea to China,” he said.

Argentina will not be able to access the vaccines donated by the United States.

Presidential advisor Cecilia Nicolini confirmed on Tuesday that Argentina will not receive part of the 500 million vaccines that the United States will donate because it is “a middle-income country” and is not among the “poorest” in the world. In any case, he assured that “bilateral agreements can be made to receive” doses of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson.

Nicolini maintained that through the efforts of the Argentine ambassador in Washington, Jorge Argüello, the situation and the definition of donation in the United States are being analyzed..

“Argentina does not enter because we are middle-income countries,” the official explained in radio statements, when asked why Argentina was left out of the list of the 92 beneficiaries of doses to face the pandemic.

In this regard, he specified that “the possibility of donating vaccines from Astrazeneca, Pfizer Moderna and Johnson” is open, and pointed out that “in the case of not having a contract -as in the case of Pfizer-, bilateral agreements can be made to get vaccinations. ”

It also specified that the information sent by Johnson and Johnson and Moderna on its approval “is being evaluated by ANMAT to eventually authorize its use and advance the contract between the parties“.

“The United States announced that it was going to donate and increase the donation of vaccines through covax mechanisms to poorer countries (Africa and Southeast Asia),” Nicolini said.

Argentina will not receive the vaccines donated by the US.

Argentina will not receive vaccines donated by the US because it is a middle-income country

This was expressed by the political scientist who advises President Alberto Fernández, when pronouncing on the mode of distribution of vaccines with the support of the World Health Organization, which would be delivered in two stages, with 200 million before the end of the year and 300 million by throughout 2021, something ruled out for Argentina as Nicolini specified. At the same time, he indicated: “We are among the top 20 countries in the world that have applied the most vaccines.”

“We are making progress with the teams to reach different agreements. The Cuban vaccine, in Argentina we are analyzing two Cuban vaccines. They are now finishing phase 3 and doing the first interim analysis to analyze the response and efficacy of the vaccines. The results they are promising, “Nicolini said.

On the Sputnik that the Richmond Laboratory will produce, he recalled that the active principle arrived in Argentina to produce some 500 thousand doses, after anticipating that “in the next few hours they are sending the samples produced in Argentina so that Gamaleya can carry out quality control, which takes about 20 days. ”

In that period, according to the official, “a second batch of component 2 antigens is expected to arrive to repeat the process”, within the framework of the contract signed with Russia.