How much money does it cost to maintain a Toyota Corolla per month / Argentina News

It is one of the most traditional medium, characterized by its interior space and reliability. We tell you how much they will spend per month to support expenses

With a long history in the automotive industry, the Toyota Corolla it’s one of the cars more reliable of the midsize sedan segment, which is updated periodically, but always its essence prevails.

Among that mixture of conservatism and innovation, is that its great “swerve” was two years ago, when it added to the classic gasoline version, an option with a hybrid engine. The brand is one of the massive ones that offers more versions with this type of mechanics, and it promised that in the short term each of its vehicles will have both types of motorization.

In this context, considering that there are not many classic sedans options left on the market (due to the advanced SUVs), we evaluate how much is the monthly and annual maintenance of the Corolla, and how much do you have to have to buy a 0km model. Among its rivals, the strongest are Chevrolet Cruze, manufactured in Argentina; the new Nissan Sentra, recently renovated and imported from Mexico; and the classics Peugeot 408 and Citroën C4 Lounge, already with many years without changes.

Toyota Corolla GR-S, the sportiest.

Going back to Japanese, Corolla is offered in four versions with 170hp 2.0 gasoline engine, with manual gearbox of six marches or automatic CVT; Y two versions with the 1.8 hybrid 122hp engine, only with CVT automatic gearbox. In this way, the cheapest is the 2.0 XLI MT that costs $ 2,237,000, while the most expensive is the hybrid HV 1.8 SEG with eCVT automatic transmission, which costs $ 3,323,000 and pays internal tax. Thus, the calculations are as follows.

Toyota Corolla naftero entry level: up to $ 36,900 per month

In the case of opting for the most economical version of the Corolla you will have to pay much less for the patent and insurance since this model does not pay the internal tax, which affects vehicles above 2,900,000 pesos. On the other hand, whoever chooses the hybrid will pay more for these two concepts but will save on fuel (the hybrid spends less).

Starting with the cheapest, the patent, according to calculations made from the DNRPA, will be $ 111,850 per year, that is, about 9,320 pesos per month.

On insuranceConsidering an average price of a complete third party, which is one of the most demanded in the market, the monthly price will be $ 8,000 per month (they vary between $ 6,000 and $ 11,000 depending on the insurer).

On service, another elementary expense for the warranty to cover in case of a problem, it has a cost of $ 18,100 for the 10,000 kilometers. In some cases, it may be that more than one official service has to be performed per year.

As for fuel, it is estimated that the Corolla gasoline consumes an average of 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Calculating that the car is used about 15,000 kilometers per year, the fuel cost will be $ 8,500 per month.

The garage and washing expenses remain constant for cars, varying especially in the case of vans, which pay more. In the garage, it is about $ 8,000 a month in areas like Palermo, in CABA, while the laundry averages $ 800, and two a month are calculated.

In this way, keeping a gasoline Toyota Corolla will come out:

  • Patent: $ 9,320
  • Insurance: $ 8,000
  • Service: $ 1,508 (18,100 prorated)
  • Fuel: $ 8,500
  • Garage: $ 8,000
  • Washing: $ 1,600 (two per month)

In total, the expense will be $ 36,928, or an average of 443,000 pesos per year.

Toyota Corolla full hybrid: up to $ 40,550 per month

If you choose a hybrid Corolla, the only one with this engine in its segment, the value of the vehicle is $ 1 million more expensive, payable internal tax. In this way, some expenses go up, while consumption goes down a lot.

Toyota Corolla, that's how it is on the inside.

Toyota Corolla, that’s how it is on the inside.

In patent, the model will pay an annual total of $ 166,150, that is, about 13,845 pesos per month; while the service is the same for all versions.

Insurance does change, because the car is more expensive. The values ​​for a complete third party are between $ 7000 and $ 16,000, with more offer in the range of 10,000 pesos.

The most interesting thing is the consumption: According to Toyota, the Corolla hybrid uses 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers. In an average use between route and city it rises to 5 average. In this way, about 5,600 pesos will be spent per month, much less than with any other vehicle.

In this way, the expense with this model will be:

  • Patent: $ 13,845
  • Insurance: $ 10,000
  • Service: $ 1,508 (18,100 prorated)
  • Fuel: $ 5,600
  • Garage: $ 8,000
  • Washing: $ 1,600 (two per month)

The monthly cost will be $ 40,553 roughly, or about 486,000 a year.

The Corolla in details

To take into account some data when choosing this model, beyond the price and engine, there are several aspects to highlight.

The model is backed by the japanese brand, which is an after-sales guarantee, with one of the best services in the country. In addition, the vehicle is sober, true to its history, but in its last renovation it added more equipment and technology, offering a more complete proposal to buyers.

It arrives imported from Brazil and all its versions have improved: for example, the XEi version now comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever. And the SEG version incorporated wireless charger for mobile devices. It also offers a sports version, which is called the Corolla GR-S, for those looking for an everyday car with more “extreme” details.