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The Government is paying in the AMBA a bonus to the vulnerable sectors affected by the restrictions. A possible second installment is analyzed

The Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo, announced that the Government is analyzing the possibility of paying “a second installment of the bonus of 15,000 pesos by the extension of the restrictive measures“.

It is a Reinforcement for the Health Emergency that is provided to those who receive the Universal Allowance for Child (AUH), the Universal Allowance for Pregnancy (AUE) and for monotributistas A and B who receive Family Allowances.

“The situation is critical. We are closely monitoring the health situation and if this worsens obviously we are going to take extraordinary measures,” warned the official, who also noted that they are already seeing “in which provinces the second edition should be paid.”

“We are reinforcing food items because of the social situation, “Arroyo said, adding:” The claims are serious and reflect the situation, but it is not the time for mobilizations. ”

“The situation is critical. We are closely monitoring the health situation,” said the minister.

ANSES bonus: who charges it

The benefit of the booster will reach those who currently receive:

  • The Universal Child Allowance (AUH), which establishes a monthly payment of $ 4,017 (80% is charged and the remaining 20% ​​is accumulated until the end of the year).
  • The Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), which is paid to pregnant women the same amount, in the same proportion as the AUH.
  • Family allowances for monotributistas of the lowest categories, A and B, which since March have received $ 4,017 per child per month.

“The mothers of the AUH incumbent boys and girls will be able to collect 15,000 pesos one time,” Raverta pointed out.

Anses Bonus of $ 15,000: there is no additional paperwork to collect it.

Anses Bonus of $ 15,000: there is no additional paperwork to collect it.

This voucher will represent for the national government an outlay of some 13,900 million pesos at the AMBA and its objective is at a complex moment to start with the last, that is, with the most vulnerable sectors.

Serving these groups is “the main concern of the Government of President Alberto Fernández since he took office and, even more so, with the arrival of the pandemic,” said the head of Anses.

The head of the Anses Fernanda Raverta pointed out that “this time of the pandemic is different from the previous one, with five million vaccinated” and said that in the rest of the provinces “the health situation will be evaluated.”

The official remarked that “we must take care of families who have the least and who are hardest hit by poverty rates” and stressed: “It is a budgetary effort that we take naturally because it is the policy of this Government.”

Is there any procedure to collect the voucher?

No, the beneficiaries will not have to do additional procedures, since they will receive the reinforcement in the usual means of payment.

In which areas will the Anses bonus be paid?

Anses will make the 15,000 peso bonus effective in the places where the new restrictions apply. At the moment it covers the AMBA: municipalities of the Buenos Aires suburbs and the Federal Capital.

What is the Universal Child Allowance?

It is received by parents of children under 18 years of age who are in any of the following situations: unemployed, unregistered worker, domestic service worker, social monotributista or enrolled in Make Future, Manos a la Obra and other Work programs. The payment is for each of the children. Only one of them collects it and the payment to the mother is prioritized.

And the Universal Pregnancy Allowance?

It is a monthly payment for the pregnancy from 12 weeks of gestation and until the birth or termination of the pregnancy. Unemployed people, informal workers with incomes equal to or lower than the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary, social monotax workers, registered domestic service workers, women enrolled in one of the Make Future programs (Argentina Trabaja y Ellas Hacen), Manos a la Work or Programs of the Ministry of Labor.

All people who are in any of these situations will be able to access to the extent that their spouse or partner is under the same situation.

Alberto Fernández announced that these limitations will be accompanied by an aid bonus of $ 15,000 for the lower income sectors

Alberto Fernández advanced an aid bonus of $ 15,000 for the lower income sectors

Help for monotributistas A and B

They are the lowest two categories of the monotax. The categories are defined based on the annual turnover of the worker. Congress has just passed a law to reform the Monotax Regime that updates the scales and amounts of each category corresponding to the 2020 period. According to this rule, for Category A the annual invoiced amount goes from $ 208,000 to $ 283,000 and for Category B the cap increases from $ 313,108.89 to $ 423,636.30.

In addition, the President said that the aid will be received by those who live in the places where the new restrictions. Fernández himself specified when announcing the measures are for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires. He said, however, that the governors had powers to impose the same limitations or others if they consider that they are necessary by virtue of the epidemiological situation of the districts they govern.

The head of state also clarified that the 15,000 peso bonus It will be for the 15 days of validity of the restrictions. The measures will take effect from 0 this Friday and will remain until April 30.

Salary Assistance: Which Companies Will Receive It

At the same conference, Minister Moroni announced that they will be assisted with the Productive Recovery Program (Repro) the commercial activities Also affected by the restrictive measures announced by Fernández in the face of the constant increase with record numbers of infections by Covid-19.

Moroni noted that those “critical” sectors are:

  1. Health.
  2. Those linked to gastronomy.
  3. Hospitality.
  4. Tourism and those associated with those activities.
  5. Some transport sectors.

In this opportunity “the Repro will also receive the small shops, Like the gastronomic services of three or four employees and who are the most affected “by the restrictive measures due to the closure of activities starting at 7 p.m. each day, Moroni explained.

The Government will pay up to $ 18,000 per employee to small gastronomic establishments.

Repro expanded: the Government will pay up to $ 18,000 per employee to small gastronomic establishments.

Moroni clarified that “it is not something different, but the assistance tools” were modified, and recalled that “300,000 workers were being paid $ 9,000 per month and now they will receive $ 18,000”, through a contribution “which is all of Nation “:

The aid will be for the next 15 days, for monotributistas of all categories and freelancers of up to five employees, although Moroni clarified that “the restrictions are placed by the pandemic and if necessary, other tools to be taken will be analyzed,” in reference to a alleged extension of restrictive movement measures due to the pandemic.

“In 2020 everything was stopped, now not”, indicated Moroni regarding the scope of the aid, and exemplified that “the manufacturing industry and construction are at better levels of prendemic“.

The minister informed that at present the “Repro has a cost of 4,000 million pesos per month” for different sectors “and with this measure it will increase another $ 1,600 million,” he said.

Regarding the salary evolution, he outlined that in 2020 “those of the agreement rose on average by 37 percent and 34% out of pocket, which due to suspensions charged less”, and for this year “the parities are a flexible tool that can be reviewed “because” the objective is that the real wage grows above inflation.


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