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Ideal to avoid physical contact with money, the new tool offers several differentials to choose to use. All the details

The payments with the cell phone had been growing in the country at an accelerated pace, but the pandemic drove them thanks to allowing pay without handling bills or cards.

The figures provided by COELSA, in charge of clearing electronic payments, are more than eloquent:

  • On January 45.9 million operations were carried out
  • Of this total of transactions, 13.9 million correspond to electronic wallets
  • These payments increased 2,000% against 670,000 two years ago

Far from being a fad, mobile payments are here to stay. And the shops already have a integrated solution for all your collections, ready to operate with all modalities present and tending to satisfy a increasingly demanding and digital customer.

All in one

It is not necessary to present it. The popularity of PosNet within Point of Sale (or POS) systems, it became the generic at the time of designate a device for collections with cards.

In tune with the times, PosNet –belonging to Fiserv– has evolved and makes a series of services so that they can accept all digital payments.

“PosNet allows people to do payments to purchase goods or services from your virtual wallet. To make the payment, the merchant must initiate the transaction in their PosNet terminal Y expose the QR Code, which will be read by the wallet to trigger the payment request, “they remarked from the company, realizing the simplicity of the process.

Indeed, the terminals offered by the company have a system in which you can perform various operations. Among them, the possibility of enable QR codes (see infographic).

In this way, PosNet allows you to process QR payments with the main wallets on the market:

  • DNI account: the Bapro app, which has already exceeded 2 million users
  • BNA+: the Banco Nación application has 1.3 million customers
  • MODE: the bank’s wallet reported that it is already used by more than 1.5 million Argentines

The The client will only have to indicate in the premises that he / she wishes to pay with QR. Thus the merchant enter the menu from the PosNet, select the QR Payments option Y complete the purchase details (amount, fees, invoice number). Once the customer reads the code on the screen of the PosNet and pay, the purchase ticket will be issued.

Question of weights

Offers to businesses additional advantages to Fintech QR systems. What Fiserv is one of the two purchasers of the country, has no intermediaries when processing payments. Therefore, it offers three differentials:

  • Commissions: 1.8% for cards credit, until four times lower than other options on the market
  • Accreditation time: 48 hours for purchases with credit, against 14 days of competitors
  • Promotions: the trade will be able to offer the bank benefits of the client, such as discounts Y interest-free fees

“If the customer’s wallet pays by card, the tariff and term are the same that the merchant has for credit and debit. If the customer pays with money in account (Transfers 3.0), the merchant you will have the funds immediately in the bank account and at no additional cost “, affirm from Fiserv.

As an added bonus, trading you won’t have to change anything to accept the new wallets to be added to the platform 3.0 transfers.

PosNet provides

Benefits for all: PosNet offers an integrated and convenient solution for trading, and the customer can use multiple wallets without losing promos

“The goal of the Qr be interoperable is that people can operate with any type of wallets or applications mobiles. For this it is important that there is a standard regarding the data within the QR code to enable an open and interoperable ecosystem “, they point from the signature.

And they complete: “A market is sought where each merchant chooses who to buy from your transactions and the client decides with which wallet to pay“.

Every day more

QR was not the only medium that grew strongly during the pandemic. I also know increased the use of the payment link, which, as indicated by Fiserv, “allows the shops send payment requests to your customers through a link through WhatsApp, social networks or email so that they can make payments using a form from any PC or mobile device“.

“It is ideal for those who seek new sales channels for your products or implement a system of delivery: trade can accept all debit and credit cards and operate Now plans. It is a service that It has no additional cost to the terminal and if the store is already a customer, it does not need to register “, they complete.

The system works as follows:

  • The business sends payment requests to its customers, by e-mail, WhatsApp or social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • The customer receives the payment link and enters his card details in a secure Fiserv site
  • In seconds, the customer receives the confirmation of their purchase
  • All that remains is to send the product to the customer

As an added bonus, merchants have the Self-management portal, a website specially designed so that see all operations in a single interface carried out within the ecosystem PosNet.

According Fiserv, in this portal “the trade can view your sales with credit card, debit card and QR payments at the time they are made “.

“In the Self-Management section, you can download your PosNet invoices, daily and monthly settlements, withholding certificates and advance orders“, they add.

In this way, they affirm from the company, “commerce can verify the operations performed by the QR channel separately for better control of your sales. “

In short, a Argentina’s “traditional” brand is renewed in order to offer all the tools of the digital economy. Y PosNet, from the hand of Fiserv, it is stated as leader in payments 4.0.


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