Pan American Energy and Garantizar sign agreement / Argentina News


The agreement, promoted by the PAE Pymes Program and the Reciprocal Guarantee Society, will allow SMEs to access financing at convenient rates

Pan American Energy (PAE) and To guarantee, the most important Reciprocal Guarantee Society in the country, signed an agreement to facilitate access to credit for strategic small and medium-sized companies in the Neuquén basin.

Through this agreement, for the next two years, PAE will discount the expenses for commissions of the guarantees issued by To guarantee to SMEs in credit operations for up to $ 600 millions. In this way, small and medium-sized companies will be able to access credit facilities at more competitive interest rates. The agreement will allow SMEs to develop their business, or expand it, at any stage of their production cycle.

Pan American Energy and Garantizar sign an agreement to facilitate access to credit for Neuquén SMEs

The agreement is driven by the SMEs PAE Program, which for 15 years has been working to promote local development.

The strategic alliance of PAE with To guarantee It began in 2009 with the signing of an agreement to facilitate access to financing for SMEs in the Golfo San Jorge, which is still in force today. Since its inception, more than 660 financial operations that benefited more than 440 companies from that region. Today, this commitment extends to the Neuquén basin.

This agreement is the result of the commitment of Pan American Energy with the development of communities and their work with SMEs as essential agents of growth. In the last year, PAE developed a SME Assistance Program in which they benefited more than 250 companies and entrepreneurs from different parts of the country.

To guarantee, as a Reciprocal Guarantee Society (SGR), provides the guarantees or guarantees for SMEs to access better opportunities in terms of term, rate and conditions of bank loans. SGR funds are contributed by individuals or legal entities, such as Pan American Energy, one of the main protective partners of Garantizar.


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