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“The plague is giving Alberto a second chance, regaining his centrality again,” said the journalist and writer

The president’s announcement Alberto Fernandez With the new restrictions due to the advance of the coronavirus, it averaged 22.6 rating points in what was a virtual National chain. Undoubtedly, the health agenda is the one that is most comfortable for the Casa Rosada, to liquefy the figure of the vice president Cristina Kirchner and its judicial agenda, while also dodging the shocks for the economy.

After almost 23 rating points achieved by his ad, the writer and journalist Jorge Assisi analyzed together with the journalist Luis Novaresio on the air of A24:

“Alberto Fernández has a second chance on Earth thanks to the plague. Again you have the opportunity to regain centrality. With the delays, the problems with Larreta, he is once again the president of the pandemic. Fernández will go down in history because his presidency coincides with this plague, which is what raised him.

This bad and aging Government has another attribute, something that exalts it, a bewildered, fierce and superficial opposition. They are driven more by frontality than by intelligence, perhaps they would have to rise to the occasion. You cannot call for resistance.

Just as it helped Alberto to grow up, now he has a second chance, but he has to resolve the link with the opposition, with which there are no bridges. I think this is all going to be a bad memory in six months. In four months they will not know what to do with the vaccines, they will sell them online, “he began.

Looking at the electoral scenario and the opposition rearmed, Asis considered: “Look, the government it is bad, sometimes very bad and without ideas. But the state of the opposition is almost an attribute for this Government because things are discussed before launching a measure. Even irrelevant things are sought for him, such as the subject of HE PASSED“.

“But do you think the Argentine is stupid? Do you think that the guy who votes is an idiot and that the people who look at us are idiots? ¿Do you think that someone who has more or less decided his vote is going to vote for this or the other for one more week or one week less? “Asís raised.

national restrictions

President Alberto Fernandez made the announcement of the new restriction measures through a live message that was broadcast on social networks and the Casa Rosada YouTube account.

“I want to thank the many who paid attention to my words,” was the beginning of the presidential message.

“Argentina has entered the second wave. In European countries and others in the region, the second wave lasted months”, Fernández pointed out, who also stressed that the country has “a strengthened health system and we are in full vaccination campaign“.

New care measures

“We decided to take specific measures based on what we have already learned from the behavior of the virus,” said Alberto Fernández.

It is important to bear in mind that the measures will be in effect from 0 am this Friday, April 9 and will last until April 30.

  • Suspension throughout the country of group trips of graduates and graduates, study, and also tourist groups
  • Suspension of social activities in private homes
  • Suspension of social activities in public spaces of more than 20 people
  • Suspension of casinos, bingo halls, discos or any party room
  • Suspension of sports practice where there are more than 10 people
  • Closing of bars and restaurants from 11 pm
  • Circulation is prohibited between 0 and 6 in the morning of each day (each jurisdiction may only extend the hours)
  • In the AMBA, public transport will be for the exclusive use of essentials

These are the restrictions that take effect this Friday at 0 am


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