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Maradona’s daughters accuse Morla of appropriating their father’s brand based on “betrayal, disloyalty, infidelity and abuse of power”

The study of Diego Maradona’s last lawyer, Matías Morla, and a clerk’s office were raided this Monday by order of Justice in a case initiated by the daughters of “Ten” Dalma and Gianinna by alleged “fraud by fraudulent administration” linked to the use of the Maradona brand.

Judicial sources reported that although there is a “summary secret”, it was known that for the moment The lawyer cannot use the marks of the former captain and DT of the Argentine National Team registered in your name.

Members of the fraud and scams division of the City Police carried out a series of raids at noon on Monday at the lawyer’s offices and at a notary’s office related to him.

The accusations against Morla

Both of Maradona’s daughters accuse Morla of appropriating their father’s brand based on “treason, disloyalty, infidelity and abuse of power“, for which they filed a lawsuit on March 12.

The presentation had been made in the Buenos Aires courts by the sponsoring lawyers of the daughters of the former captain and DT of the Argentine team.

Diego Maradona and lawyer Morla.

“It could be said that Morla acted as a true administrator of someone else’s patrimony or that he was in charge of very extensive powers, in fact at the beginning of the relationship, later legal, due to the granting of a broad power of attorney in 2016, “they remarked in the complaint.

In addition, they specified that “it is unquestionable that Morla seriously harmed the interests that our father had entrusted to him.”

“Well, where the different brands of their exclusive ownership were in their patrimony, after the management of their management by the accused they ceased to be”, they added.

And they concluded: “Ultimately, Morla’s performance represents a paradigmatic case of betrayal, dishonesty and abuse, which deserves and should be punished with the full weight of the law.”

Diego with Dalma and Gia

Diego Maradona with Dalma and Gianinna.

What trademarks Morla may not use

The trademarks in question are “Maradona“,”The 10” and “The hand of God“, among others, all managed by the company Sattvica SA, chaired by Morla himself, who constituted it on June 11, 2015 together with his brother-in-law, Maximiliano Pomargo.

The original address was Rosario Vera Peñaloza at 500, in a place that is a few floors above Morla’s studio.

However, a few months later, on September 24, 2015, its registered office was changed directly to the lawyer’s offices or law firm.

In the complaint made by the Maradona sisters, they indicated that the criminal action is directed against “Matías Edgardo Morla” and “against anyone else who had collaborated or participated in any criminally relevant way in the commission of the fraud, which the investigation must determine”.

In this sense, Dalma and Gianinna, through their lawyers, asked that it be investigated whether the lawyer created a “rubber stamp” to manage and use all of their father’s trademarks.


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