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The 26-year-old defendant, who violated isolation, has a prosecutor’s request to be prosecuted for culpable spread of a dangerous and contagious disease

The Federal Chamber of Cassation signed the prosecution and embargo for 50 million pesos to Eric Torales, the young man who went with coronavirus a 15th birthday just returned from the United States on March 14, 2020.

The highest federal criminal court in the country rejected two complaints from the defense of the 26-year-old defendant, who has a prosecutor’s request to be prosecuted for “faulty spread of a dangerous and contagious disease “aggravated by” having resulted in illness and death “, informed judicial sources.

Court I of Cassation rejected the complaints against the confirmation of the prosecution by the Federal Court of Appeals of San Martín, on November 9 of last year and the embargo of 50 million pesos that was set.

The Cassation chambermaids Ana Maria Figueroa, Daniel Petrone and Diego Barroetaveña also rejected another proposal of invalidity of that processing.

Torales has a request to be sent to an oral trial by the Morón federal prosecutor’s office, for what happened at the party of 15 when 19 guests were infected, including his grandfather, who died.

Torales did not respect the mandatory isolation when returning from the US and it was a party of 15 with coronavirus

Spread of Covid when returning from the US

“Taking into account that it is duly verified that the accused violated mandatory isolation that he had to comply with by virtue of the provisions of DNU 260/2020, I consider that he must also answer for the crime of violation of measures adopted by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of a pandemic“, concluded the prosecutor Santiago Marquevich in the request of elevation to trial.

Torales’s grandfather died on April 1, 2020 from coronavirus.

The complaint was presented by the mayor of Moreno, Melina Fernández, because the party took place in that jurisdiction and days later, on March 19, SAME received the first five calls from guests with symptoms.

Torales traveled to the United States on February 25, 2020 and returned on March 13, when he was informed that he had to isolate himself for returning from a country that, at that time, was considered “an area affected by the coronavirus.”

The accused went to the birthday and, two days later, he attended a clinic in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano with symptoms, where the diagnosis of positive coronavirus was confirmed.

The worst day of the pandemic: 20,870 new cases in 24 hours

Carla Vizzotti assured that the

Carla Vizzotti assured that the “second wave has already arrived”

Argentina reported its record of new cases in one day. According to the report of the Ministry of Health, 20,870 infected people in the last 24 hours, the highest number since the pandemic began. Thus, the total number of cases since the pandemic began is 2,428,029, although only 207,350 are active.

In relation to the deceased, the ministry led by Carla Vizzotti reported that they were 163 in one day. Thus, the total number of deaths since the pandemic began reaches the 56,634.

The Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, and the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, had a meeting this afternoon at Casa Rosada with the Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires authorities. The objective of the meeting was to continue thinking about what measures to take in the Metropolitan area to try to stop the second wave of coronavirus infections.

It is important to mention that, on the one hand, is the government of Kicillof, who wants to take harsher definitions, and on the other hand, the government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, which has been more reluctant to continue with the restrictions that affect the activity and, consequently, the economy. The goal of the meeting is to find a middle ground, to reach an agreement with both jurisdictions to take consensual measures to reduce circulation.

The main axis of the discussion is in the evening activities. The province’s proposal is close activities starting at 22, with the aim of limiting social life, the space of greater relaxation of the measures. However, the City will insist on set restrictions just from midnight, so that the restaurants, bars, cafes and the rest of the gastronomic places have more room to function. Today, the closing of the night activity is from 2 in the morning to 6 in the morning.

At this meeting, in addition to Cafiero and Vizzotti, the heads of Cabinet of the city and province of Buenos Aires were summoned, Felipe Miguel and Carlos Bianco, respectively; the holder of the health portfolio of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernan Quirós and the Vice Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Nicolas Kreplak.

The social gatherings They are another point of debate in this meeting of the authorities. The province seeks to reduce the number of people who can meet in particular places. At the moment, current regulations allow up to 10 people in meetings private in the city.

One last point is linked to public transport. In the papers, buses, subways and trains are reserved only for essential personnel and for the educational community. But this measure ceased to be respected in practice as he resumed work throughout the metropolitan area.

Only at one point is there consensus on the three jurisdictions: in which it is necessary to increase controls to ensure that the current restrictions (capacity, permits and protocols) are effectively complied with in practice.


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