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A businessman listed on his personal Twitter account an endless list of taxes and requirements that require him to open an SME

The economic crisis deepened by the pandemic One of its results was a large number of SMEs that had to close their doors due to the difficulty of sustaining themselves.

The situation is not easy either for those who want to start a business: coronavirus, is added the large amount of taxes and requirements required to start a small business.

This is the case of businessman and politician Agustin Spaccesi, who published through his personal account on the social network Twitter, the amount of things you need to open an ice cream parlor with only 4 employees.

“Signatures and registered jobs required by the State to open an ice cream parlor with four employees,” wrote Agustin Spaccesi, president of the Libertarian Party of Córdoba, after which he listed the 31 obstacles in five tweets.

At the end of the thread on Twitter he clarified: “This list does not include the cataract of public officials to whom I will have to pay homage, nor the qualifications. So they want us to generate employment? SME entrepreneurs live fulfilling requirements and when we can we try to serve clients … “.

The requirements to open the ice cream parlor

Next, the complete list with the signatures and work registrations required by the State published by the employer:

1) Lawyer.

2) Counter.

3) Clerk.

4) Architect.

5) Eng. Specialist in safety and hygiene.

6) Real estate broker.

7) Technician authorized to register a tax receipt.

8) Automotive Property Registry.

9) Automotive Verifier.

10) Delivery box enabler.

An entrepreneur came across an endless list of requirements to open an ice cream parlor

11) Insurance broker.

12) Ing that approves fire extinguishers.

13) Licensed Electrician.

14) Registered gas.

15) Doctor for health book.

16) Insurance Company Inspector.

17) Authorized IPJ processor.

18) Digital signature certifier.

19) DGR commercial activity census taker.

20) Food specialist so that every month he analyzes the mains water.

21) Approved company for Medical Emergencies.

22) EPEC surety insurance granted by the provincial company.

23) Management and sales software approved by Afip.

24) Inspector (Ing) of occupational hazards by Art.

25) Comprehensive trade insurance for a company approved by the Insurance Superintendency.

26) Food scientist for products to be marketed.

27) Registered Refrigeration Installer.

28) Enabling Senasa for a delivery truck.

29) Provider of bottled water authorized by the municipality.

30) Disinfection company authorized by the municipality.

31) Medical pre-employment exam.

Gastronomists anticipate a new wave of local closures

After having gone through the worst economic moment in history in 2020, the bars and restaurants again warn of a possible terminal situation that could live if the authorities again establish measures of total restriction on the activity.

The risk was evidenced after a meeting between representatives of this sector with government officials of the City of Buenos Aires in which they anticipated certain controls that will be implemented after the Easter holiday to try to control the health situation caused by the outbreak of Covid-19.

At that meeting, the Minister of Economic Development of CABA, José Luis Giusti and representatives of the gastronomic chambers were present who, as he was able to know iProfessional, warned that the abyss was on the brink due to possible new restrictions and the lack of financial assistance from the Buenos Aires authorities.

Gastronomists anticipate a new wave of local closures

Entrepreneurs point out that 130,000 jobs were lost in the last year and that this number could double

More controls

Based on these claims, the meeting was classified as tense by some of its participants, more than anything after Minister Giusti anticipated what is coming in terms of controls to avoid the second wave of the coronavirus.

In this sense, one of the measures that causes the most rejection, despite not being new, is the fulfillment of the capacity to offer services that, although it is limited to 30% of the total capacity of the establishment, had not been controlled.

From now on, it will be done strictly comply in all the premises, both for the internal tables and for the exterior, with the threat that those that are exceeded in number of people, will be closed.

Although they support health decisions that can be used to combat the pandemic, gastronomic entrepreneurs warn that They will have to reduce staff if they do not allow them a larger capacity, and they anticipate that if the night closing hours are modified they will have the need to cancel one of the two service shifts that they are currently offering to their customers.

“If the closing time, which today is at 2 AM, is modified, it would lead to the dismissal of personnel,” said some of the participants in the meeting with Minister Giusti.

Help request

In the same way, they reiterate the request for financial assistance to the government led by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta based on compensation in the payment of the Gross Income tax.

A request that until now the City has not confirmed and that during the meeting was responded with evasions by Giusti, always according to private sector sources who added that the minister warned them that the City has no margin to grant more benefits, a similar speech to which it is proposed from the national government.

The sector warns about the possible closure of another 15,000 establishments if restrictions are deepened

The sector warns about the possible closure of another 15,000 establishments if restrictions are deepened

“Our sector is going through a complicated situation in itself, with which it cannot endure more restrictions and even less if they do not help us,” the businessmen say.

According to data from the sector, in the Federal Capital area, 20% of the stores have already closed and it is anticipated that the number could reach 50% if the situation remains unchanged.

Already last year 10,000 gastronomic establishments closed throughout the country, leaving only 40,000 in activity. Now they understand that without official support, 25,000 may remain in the coming months.

In addition, they reported that 130,000 jobs were lost in the last year and that number could double.

In fact, the problems would worsen in the short term and before the new measures, since the sector argues that it does not have underfunded as to begin the payment of the credits obtained last year at the beginning of the pandemic; not being able to fire staff and having to Comply with the established time and capacity restrictions.

A whole “lethal” combo that shakes the industry and that, according to the employers, anticipates a new wave of closures and job losses, which would double what happened so far in both cases.

A few weeks ago and under the slogan “Hospitality in Red”, the gastronomic and hotel sector throughout the country launched a strong dissemination campaign with the aim of reflect the “tough situation” they are going through, one year after the start of the quarantine established by the Government as a result of Covid-19.

The campaign aims to collect signatures on the Change.org platform with the hashtag #hospitalidadenrojo, which can be accessed through QR codes printed on the tables of different gastronomic venues.

In addition, they asked their customers to come to bars or restaurants to express their support, also from the delivery platforms Rappi and Ordersya with free shipping.

Another of the actions they carried out was the sending of a letter to the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, in which they requested support for the sector such as the return of the ATP for gastronomic firms and hotels; grant half of the VAT for a year and a financing plan for the payment of the debts accumulated during the months that they could not work.

“We meet all the Chambers of Gastronomy together with the hotel industry because we are a community that needs unity and help each other to get ahead,” said the promoters of the initiative that promote the premises of cafes, bars, restaurants, pizzarías, ice cream parlors, and hotels .


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