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The head of ARBA highlighted the accompaniment of the Province to Buenos Aires companies and homes during the pandemic. What will come

The Executive Director of the Buenos Aires Revenue Agency (ARBA), Cristian Girard, affirmed this Friday that the tax moratorium launched by the province for taxpayers and companies affected by the coronavirus pandemic “will be the last” and asked them to “comply” with their tax obligations.

During the presentation of stimulus measures for the financial reactivation that took place in the city of May 25, the official stressed that last year “to address the exceptional situation generated by neoliberalism and the pandemic” the province launched measures that included tax facilities.

In this framework, he analyzed that “During the pandemic, the Province accompanied the productive sector and households,” he recalled that there were no lawsuits due to constraints, nor was there an aggressive collection management.

“This year we are vaccinating, which marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic. But it is very important to achieve the other leg, which is economic reactivation,” he said.

Appealing to a football metaphor, Girard stated that “the State is generating volume of the game, circulating the ball” and said that the Government expects the businessmen to accompany them “and end up scoring the goal” so that the economy finally has a year growth.

“The last moratorium of the Province”

Thus, he pointed out that “within this framework, this will be the province’s last moratorium” and announced that this year the agency “is going to intensify collection actions.”

Thus, Girard stated that “If the economy begins to grow and revenues to recover, this moratorium will be a relief for companies to have more financial capacity“.

He pointed out that the first of the plans will focus on patrimonial taxes and will cover debts accrued or due during 2020 for Real Estate, Automotive and Sports Vessel taxes, with which 3 million taxpayers will be able to catch up with ARBA.

Girard stressed that, during the pandemic, “the Province accompanied the productive sector and households.”

The financing will include as its main benefit the forgiveness of fines, interest and surcharges with deductions will be segmented, based on the taxpayer’s ability to pay, which implies that those who were most affected will receive greater benefits.

The second of the regularization plans will be aimed at collection agents that did not enter funds withheld from their operations with Gross Income taxpayers, benefiting around 3,800 companies, mostly SMEs.

It will cover those obligations of Gross Income and Stamps accrued or expired as of December 31, 2020 and will include the forgiveness of fines, interests and surcharges, which will be segmented according to the size of the taxpayer (the highest benefits will go to micro, small and medium-sized companies ).

What’s Next: Simplified Gross Income Regime

In addition, Girard stated that “the big bet is the creation of the simplified regime of Gross income, which will benefit around 1 million monotributistas from Buenos Aires“.

“With this, in addition, we finished giving a response against evasion and informality. Above, we will be very tough in the control of medium and large companies, and below, in the patrimonial there will be tax simplification and moratoriums,” he stressed.

By last, He asked the private sector for accompaniment: “the Province accompanies, you comply”, he remarked.


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