“We made the way so that some brains can shout that they want to come home drunk” / Spain News


Nacho serrano



He already messed it up when in 2017 he said “I’m not a feminist; I never have been and never will be. I am a woman, that is what I am. And also the following year when he insisted on his critique of ‘dominant’ feminism: «I very much agree with the movement and with the feminist struggle as long as it is fought coherently. I think there is a lag right now. And I think the real meaning of what feminism is is getting a little out of hand, now it seems that it is wrong to be born a man, almost ». In 2019 he was not silent either, assuring in a round table that women “lose a lot of time”, and that some demands “devour energy and prevent further progress.”

Now Baby, has set fire to social networks again with new statements on the subject, which have raised blisters within the feminist movement. «Happy day to all the women who for many years have made the way so that a lot of brainless They will find it all done and they can go out and scream that they want to go home alone and drunk, “the Valencian artist wrote yesterday on her Instagram account. “Happy day to the women who knew that we could be equal without hatred, who studied and worked side by side with colleagues and who returned home with friends, who pampered our men because we want to and because they pamper us.” And it ends: “And happy day to the women who knew how to listen to a pretty girl with a smile and a blush, and finally, happy day to all the women who do not need a demonstration to know that we are the same!”

His message has been met with immediate reaction from supporters and critics alike. “One of the greatest for its feminist songs and that empower women, with such precarious and selfish thinking,” says one user. Why do you think you have rights? Magically? Today’s women continue to march and fight, in their own way, each fight and that is respected, ”another tweeter snapped. “What a disappointment! What an ugly speech and so far from the feeling and struggle of feminism, “says another follower of his account. From the opposite side, a user says: «The feminism of before fought with good reason and it was an intelligent, powerful and just movement. And the one of now fights to destroy and also a great part of the movement belongs to politics ». Another message of support says: «The 8M only represents a political sector of the population. Proud of women like you ».

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