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The judge of the Supreme Federal Court annulled all the convictions in Curitiba, Paraná state, related to Operation “Lava Jato”

President Alberto Fernández celebrated on Monday that the former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva “has been rehabilitated in all his political rights”, after Judge Edson Fachin, of the Supreme Federal Court, annulled all the sentences in Curitiba, state of Paraná .

“I am glad that Lula has been rehabilitated in all his political rights,” the head of state published on his Twitter account.

In this context, Alberto Fernández specified: “The sentences against him that were handed down with the sole purpose of persecuting him and eliminating him from the political career were annulled. Justice was done! #LulaLivre”.

In July 2019, when he was a presidential candidate for the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández visited Lula in jail.

“If Lula is not free, it is because the rule of law is not working well,” said the then presidential candidate after visiting the leader of the Workers’ Party.

Convictions against Lula are annulled: when can he be a candidate?

The former president recovers his political rights and will be able to participate in the 2022 elections

A judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil on Monday annulled the conviction against the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for the resounding case “Lava Jato” Y gave back his political rights, so he can stand in the elections scheduled for next year.

The magistrate added that Lula’s cases must be heard again in a federal court in Brasilia. The leftist leader, who ruled Brazil between 2003 and 2011, was convicted on corruption charges in 2018 and released at the end of the following year.

Judge Edson Fachin, of the Federal Supreme Court, on Monday annulled all the convictions in Curitiba, Paraná state, of Lula da Silva related to the “Lava Jato” corruption operation.

Thus, the former president recovers his political rights and will be able to participate in the 2022 elections.

“With the decision, all the decisions issued by the XIII Federal Court of Curitiba were declared void and it was determined that the respective files be sent to the Federal District Judicial Section,” said a press release from Fachin’s office.

Fachin declared the federal court of Curitiba “incompetent”, which in the past had the judge and former Justice Minister of Jair Bolsonaro Sergio Moro as head in the cases of the Guarujá triplex, a farm in Atibaia and the donations of the Lula Institute.

In April 2020, Lula affirmed that he would not be a political candidate for the Presidency of Brazil by 2022.

“I hope that by 2022 the Workers’ Party (PT) has a candidate: I will be 77 years old,” he said.

Lula, faced with the possibility of running again for public office.

Lula, faced with the possibility of running again for public office.

In mid-February Lula obtained the support of the Supreme Court of Brazil to maintain his access to the messages that prosecutors and former judge Sergio Moro exchanged with each other on Telegram and that were stolen by a group of hackers in 2019.

The messages cast doubt on the impartiality of the judge who convicted Lula of corruption and money laundering in 2018.

Access to the messages between Moro and the prosecutors had already been authorized in December by a court minister, Ricardo Lewandowski, and made public to the press in February.

Later, by four votes to one, the magistrates confirmed the right of Lula’s defense to read the entirety of the texts.

A judicial victory for Lula

With that judicial victory, the defense took a key step to try to annul the processes against the former president, and not only those that were signed by Moro in the operation “Lava Jato“.

Da Silva regained his freedom after spending 19 months in prison, in November 2019: “They wanted to imprison an idea and ideas are not locked up,” he said when he left the prison.

Lula’s freedom was possible after a resolution issued by the Brazilian Supreme Court, which established that, as the Constitution says, a convicted person can only go to prison once they have exhausted all their resources.

The former Brazilian president has been detained since April 2018, accused of alleged acts of corruption.


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