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Cazzu and Anitta reacted to the misogynistic sayings of the singer Arcángel, who published a controversial message through his Instagram account

Cazzu, Anitta and Archangel They are among the top trends on Twitter. It happens that the American singer published a controversial message Through the stories of their Instagram account and the singers they did not let it pass.

What did archangel say

Just one day after International Women’s Day, the 36-year-old singer shared an image on his social networks that caused all kinds of reactions from his followers.

Archangel’s message, which aroused the annoyance of many women on social networks, including Cazzu and Anitta

Through the story he posted on his Instagram account, Archangel hinted that women who show a lot of skin on social media don’t deserve the same respect as those who don’t. In addition, he affirmed that there is a great difference between what he considers “ladies” and those women who “earn likes” for showing their body.

As expected, hundreds of users came out to criticize the singer for his sayings. Through Twitter and Instagram they affirmed that their words were macho and out of place; That was why his name was quickly among the main trends of the social network Twitter. The situation reached such a point that just minutes after sharing the images, he had to go out to explain what he was referring to.

One of the people who was upset by her comments was the singer Anitta, who shared a bikini photo on her account regarding Arcángel’s comment. Through that publication, she assured that showing or not skin on social networks is not an act that determines her value as a woman or as a person. In this way, he made it very clear that he totally disagreed with the words Archangel shared on his profile.

The same did Cazzu, the Argentine singer from the world of trap, who said: “I think that whenever we talk about feminism we forget where machismo ends; machismo ends in death.” In the video that Cazzu recorded to respond to Arcángel’s message, he assured that “that often begins with people who decide what kind of women are respected and what kind of women are not.”

Cazzu shared this message through his Instagram account

Cazzu shared this message through his Instagram account

And he continued: “For me as a fan of reggaeton it is a pain in my heart every time there is this type of revelations of people who for me have been role models in music “. Cazzu, who was hurt and annoyed by that comment from Archangel, He stated that the singer “apologizes in a very strange way, since he apologizes to working women, to those who are diligent, not to the others, he continues to make this separation between those who are respected and those who are not.”

Who is Cazzu

Her name is Julieta Cazzuchelli. She is a singer of trap Argentina that rose to fame a few years ago and has not stopped growing since then. The song with which she became best known was Loca, by Khea and Duki, in which she had a participation. This is how he began to be part of other songs and videos of singers of the trap and regggaeton genre, until he came out with his own songs.

Currently, one of his most listened to songs is titled Animal, in which he sings with another Argentine, María Becerra.

Who is Anitta

Larissa de Macedo Machado, known professionally by her stage name Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, television host, actress, and businesswoman.

In Argentina he rose to fame with the theme Downtown, what did he do with J Balvin, But it has dozens of other songs that reached a huge popularity in Brazil.

Who is Archangel

Austin Agustín Santos is better known by his stage name Arcángel. He is an American singer and songwriter, although his roots are Latin – he has Dominican parents – and he lived in Puerto Rico until he was 12 years old.

Tracks like You follow him -along with Sech-, Rasta Barbie and Tussi are some of the most successful in Argentina, although their musical career dates back many years.


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