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March arrived a week ago and the artists have already begun to publish their new creations, with different genres and styles and collaborations

A new month began almost a week ago and along with its arrival new creations appeared musicals of different artists, genres and styles.

Many of them feature great news and interesting collaborations that we probably never would have imagined.

That is why this time we bring you one list of new music releases for you to enjoy during the weekend.

1. Farruko – “Premium”

The versatile artist, releases double single “Premium” with Myke Towers and Alfa. Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Farruko continues to solidify his claim as a boldly inventive musician with his double release entitled “Premium”, which includes “Oh mama“, with fellow islander Myke Towers and”XOXA“with the king of Dominican dembow, El Alfa.

These latest songs by the singer continue to validate his immense creativity and musical versatility as a performer and artist who can create music that resonates globally. Both songs are available on all digital platforms.

In “XOXA”, the music video, which is as multifaceted as the song, is inspired by the movies The Mask, Napoleon Dynamite and Rocky, featuring both artists in a never-before-seen humorous parody that was also directed by Lugo.

2. C. Tangana – “El Madrileño”

The artist publishes the album that consolidates him as a total artist in “The Madrileño“, an ambitious work. An album in which C. Tangana places the pincho to the beat in Madrid and opens several radios of different circumferences that reach Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and in general, all of Latin America.

As in travel books, in travel records it matters as much where you go as where you come from; The traveler matters as much as the different people he meets during the adventure.

El Madrileño, is an extraordinarily ambitious album whose results are up to its challenge. C. Tangana reached creative maturity and has been completed as a singer, producer and musician without ties and as an artist who overflows everywhere the channel of urban music from which he comes.

3. Mya & Ha Ash – “You Were Mine”

A great collaboration where they join their voices in the beautiful and powerful ballad “You were mineAfter receiving the Gold Award for “2:50” and while her latest single “Te quiero X eso” continues to climb positions in the radio charts in Argentina, Mya presents “Fuiste Mía”, her new song along with the hit Mexican duo Ha * Ash.

The emotional video of “Fuiste Mía”, in which both duos excel in their expressive vocal performances, was directed by Martin Seipel and shot between Buenos Aires (MYA) and Houston (Ha * Ash).

The audiovisual story is completed by a couple struggling to meet face to face again, but with a double mirror intervening between the two, in a metaphor for that dividing line that separates their days to which the lyrics of the song allude.

4. Aaron and his Illusion Group – “Tik Tik Tik”

Both delight with their unique style of cumbia sonidera, in a subject for other sticky.

Is about “Tik Tik Tik “, the cumbia in which they are accompanied by Majo Aguilar, the beautiful singer belonging to the Aguilar dynasty and who little by little was gaining her place in the musical environment.

“Tik Tik Tik” is authored by Rafael González, leader of the group, who maintains in it the sound sound that characterized them and kept them as favorites of the public.

5. J Balvin – “Ma G”

The famous artist launched the first song of his next album “Ma G which premiered while Balvin accompanied his friend and # 1 boxer in the world, Saúl Canelo Álvarez, to the ring for the highly anticipated Alvarez / Avni Yildirim fight, where he presented “Ma G” for the first time at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

“Ma G” incorporates deep themes of identity, origin and gratitude, as well as providing a reflection about Balvin’s journey from the streets of Barrio Castilla in Colombia to stardom and becoming an icon of pop culture.


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