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The journalist entered the medical center this Sunday due to an operation scheduled for Monday as part of the treatment for a cardiac arrhythmia

The journalist Jorge Lanata had to be admitted this Sunday at the Favaloro Foundation for an operation scheduled for Monday.

The intervention is part of a treatment for a cardiac arrhythmia, after the studies that should have been done four days ago at the same clinical center.

At that time, he was swabbed by protocol due to a feverish condition, the result of which was negative.

The journalist entered the medical center this Sunday because of an operation scheduled for Monday

Lanata’s health

For some time now, the health of journalist Jorge Lanata has been in the news for various reasons. In recent years, he has been hospitalized on several occasions for conditions generally related to his lung and heart health.

Additionally, in January 2020, Lanata underwent successful surgery in the United States after spending two months at Fleni Hospital under treatment to recover from a lumbar fracture.

The intervention took place on Wednesday morning at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Lanata provided the reasons why she decided to travel abroad to perform this procedure.

“I did it here because there were already more than 5,000 operations of this type, while in Argentina only 200, it was a matter of experience and I preferred to travel,” he said. As he commented, the treatment lasted 45 minutes: “At two and a half hours we were already leaving,” he detailed at the time.

Lanata had already been admitted to the Fleni Rehabilitation Institute for a fractured lumbar vertebra.

“Today, Mr. Jorge Lanata entered our Rehabilitation Institute with diagnosis of traumatic fracture of the first lumbar vertebra associated with intense pain and functional impotence of the lower limbs, with inability to walk“indicated the medical report signed by doctors Claudio Pensa, General Medical Director of Fleni and Lisandro Olmos, Medical Director of the Adult Rehabilitation Institute.

All this was a consequence of the fall he suffered in one of the corridors of Radio Miter. The episode had happened at the end of September 2019, at which point he had to leave the television and radio cycles.


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