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Experts recommend different alternatives, with different levels of risk, to make your pesos pay off and not lose in the face of rising prices

Already said Warren buffet, the famous American investor and one of the richest people in the world: “All it takes to win the stock market is time, calm, and diversification.”

And in an economy like Argentina, where the peso tends to generate many headaches for users who see the local currency losing value every day due to the incessant inflation and the rise of the dollar, leaving the money sleeping in a cash box. Saving will not produce any kind of profit, but rather the opposite.

And in Buffet’s phrase there is an idea to be successful and that is collected by specialists: the diversification. For this reason, experts recommend putting savings to work to protect value and also obtain an income.

But before betting on any of the tools that are available to average investors, it is essential that each one make a balance between amount of money that you can use for this purpose and the risk who is willing to run.

In dialogue with iProfessional, Regina Martínez Riekez, CEO and Founder of Amauta Inversiones, highlighted that when building a portfolio, It must be taken into account that every investment decision involves taking a risk.

“The higher the expected profitability, the greater the risk and surely the investment term. Therefore, it is essential to consider the various associated dangers, “the specialist explained, adding that it is essential to always operate in regulated entities,” in order to avoid fraud, something quite common in our industry. ”

Alejandro Bianchi, founder of the consultancy and website Asesor de Inversiones, agreed with his colleague and highlighted the importance of each one performing some of the free tests prepared by professionals that analyze what type of investment is according to the profile and obtain information to “expand their universe of alternatives and get out of the classic fixed term, dollar to the mattress and brick “.

The higher the expected return, the greater the risk associated with an investment

The easy option is not always the best

Resorting to the traditional fixed term, with a monthly rate just above 3% and a TNA of 37%, when inflation in January was 4% is, as the numbers reflect, lose purchasing power.

In addition, even the Minister of Economy himself acknowledged that the rise in prices, estimated by the Government at the time at 29%, would be higher (31%). It should be noted that the expectations of the private sector are at 50%.

Then the option of resorting to fixed term UVA as the first alternative in the portfolio could be the He passed initial for those profile investors conservative, but it should not be forgotten that they are constituted for a minimum period of 90 days.

In this regard, Bianchi described this option as “a protection measure because today it does not pay more than 0.5 or 1% above inflation. Given the impossibility of buying dollars, it is a viable alternative, especially for the small investor. “

As is already known, very few people have the chance to buy the US $ 200 per month due to the tightening of the stocks, but those who were able to do so, due to the different charges that the US currency has, paid at the beginning of $ 145 per week, similar to the MEP values.

It should be taken into account that the OJF consulting firm estimates that the value of the dollar at the end of the year will be $ 160.96, a figure that would jump to $ 264.33 if the Country Tax and the Earnings advance withholding are added.

Get out of the comfort zone

Beating inflation and obtaining an income implies taking the step towards other tools, because conservative investments, while protecting capital, fail to maintain purchasing power.

“If the saver has a record of the risk and, -as long as it has a medium-term investment horizon-, it can be partially covered with assets tied to inflation, either CER mutual funds O well bonds that adjust for inflation“explained Martínez Riekez and highlighted that these alternatives can disarm the position at any moment of time, but they have a disadvantage: they have a secondary market and, therefore, the investor is subject to volatility or market risk.

It should be noted that in 2020, the performance of a FCI fixed income, short-term and for a conservative profile registered a average profit per month of 6%, while the more options aggressive, equity and long-term had an average of 7% for the same period of time.

Another alternative recommended by Bianchi are the Cedears. The Cedears are certificates that are issued in Argentina, in national currency, that represent a certain fraction (ratio) of various shares listed in another country.

In other words, they are variable income instruments to indirectly invest in shares of foreign companies, without the need to have an account outside the country.

“They are for those who have more capacity to save, and the possibility of take more risk in pursuit of a higher profit given its longer investment horizon. I think it is the best alternative, “the specialist stressed.

“This is an investment that can be purchased with pesos, but since it is international stocks, it is a way to dollarize, escaping local risk. They provide protection against the rise of the free or cash dollar with settlement. In addition, the dividends paid by the shares. The investor charges them in dollars in the local market, “he remarked and even highlighted the purchase of bonds in dollars,” which are at discount values ​​”because they were recently restructured and will pay again in September.

Regarding the Obligations Negotiable, Mauro Mazza, Research of Bull Market Brokers, when consulted by this means, provided a quick screenshot of the most attractive papers for having, for the most part, an income in dollars equal to or greater than 10% per year, and that can be found exploring the secondary market.

Cellulose 2025 pays quarterly interest and principal. “Its yield is 22%, which makes it a unique investment,” added Mazza.

Other NOs in dollars that caught the attention of the market are “YPF 2024 “ e “YPF 2025“, which have semi-annual payments and yield above 15%.

For his part, Edgardo Pascualini, founder of the consulting firm Funny Money, explained that the option to bet on the Argentine stock market – currently in the range of US $ 300 (value of the Merval index on the CCL dollar) – has a potential of 6X, but carries the risk of a 75% drop from its current value. “It depends on the country that we believe in the future, the current Argentine stock market is a risk investment,” he completed.

Another alternative suggested by the expert is the instrument ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), which works as a FCI and whose shares are bought and sold on the market as if it were a share.

“For example, they can invest in companies and laboratories that investigate the medicinal use of marijuana. If I bet that it will be legalized and new properties are discovered, those companies will go up in value and consequently the ETF as well and thus they can make money with that” , full.

Great care must be taken with the volatile component that cryptocurrencies carry

The new hot investment: cryptocurrencies

In the “black March” of 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) reached its lowest price since the pandemic hit: it plummeted to $ 3,800, but just twelve months later, its value is around $ 50,000.

This is a clear example of the excellent business that betting on this type of digital assets could be, but you must be very careful with the volatile component that they carry.

Franco Bianchi, CMO of Lemon Cash stressed that each of the users must do their own analysis, “but a basic portfolio can be made up of 40% Bitcoin, 40% Ethereum and 20% DPI (DeFi Index), which contains the most defi projects. important and is a way to diversify. ”

For his part, Manuel Beaudroit, Ceo of the Belo digital wallet, contributed that for a more conservative profile, a suggested portfolio could contain “50% in BTC, 30% in another altcoin and the remaining 20% ​​in a stable option –Dai for example-, where you can put profit-taking and play it safe. ”

Three other alternatives that stood out in the last year, according to Coincodex, were:

Aave: accumulated a profitability of 6,398.22%.

Kusama: its profitability in 2020 was 5222.37%.

Celsius Network: it was the third that grew the most in 2020 with 3,843.88%.

These tokens are less known, have a small history and therefore the risk is higher.

In short, although interest rates promise to be tempting in the different tools to overcome inflation and obtain an income, the key is not to lose sight of the fact that great risks are always run. Therefore, the most interesting thing is to put together a mix in the portfolio, according to the needs of each person, to maximize the chances of beating the loss of weight value.


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