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The Gildo Insfrán government decided to return to phase 1 of the quarantine and part of the people of Formosa decided to demonstrate against

The government of Formosa, in hands of Gildo Insfran For several terms now, he announced the return to phase 1 of isolation, as a result of the increase in cases of coronavirus.

As a consequence, a part of the people of the province came out to demonstrate against the measure. Amid the protests the police began to repress the protesters and images that expose institutional violence quickly became viral. The violence occurred within the framework of the protests that were concentrated in front of the Government House, the place from where Governor Gildo Insfrán exercises his power.

The concentration was in the Plaza San Martín asking the Provincial Government to review the measure that was announced this Thursday regarding returning to Phase 1 to the city of Formosa after the detection of more cases in recent weeks.

It is important to note that since 12 yesterday, all the movement certificates and only essential workers will be allowed to travel on public roads. The announcement came after several complaints against the provincial government for human rights violation in isolation centers.

The government ordered that until March 18th All activities to make measures more flexible are suspended, which provoked the rejection of a large part of the population, which called for a mobilization that took place this Friday.

Images of police violence

As mentioned, many images went viral through Twitter, a social network that has been the protagonist of various protests of these characteristics around the world.

The protest in Formosa went viral and reached a corner of the country

One of the main protagonists of Friday afternoon in the Formosa protests, in addition to the protesters, were the rubber bullets. Rubber bullets with which the provincial police repressed the citizens who had marched towards the Goverment house to show his disagreement with the measure that Gildo Insfrán has just taken.

Gildo Insfrán police repressed the protesters with rubber bullets

Gildo Insfrán police repressed the protesters with rubber bullets

Gildo Insfrán’s tweets amid the protest

While the Formosan police repressed the protesters, Gildo Insfrán published several messages through his Twitter account. No, they had nothing to do with the situation that took place in front of the Government House, but rather they were announcements about new policies that it is supposed to put into operation.

The return to phase 1 in Formosa

The appearance of new positive cases of Covid-19 in the capital of the province of Formosa led Gildo Insfrán to determine the return to phase 1 of social, preventive and compulsory isolation (ASPO).

This was decided by the Comprehensive Emergency Care Council after they were detected 23 cases throughout the province, 17 of them in the capital.

As a consequence of the return to phase 1 in Formosa, all those activities that had been made more flexible were suspended and from Social, Preventive and Mandatory Distancing (DISPO), we returned to Isolation (ASPO). The measure will extend, at least, to March 18th.

Gildo Insfrán with President Alberto Fernández

Gildo Insfrán with President Alberto Fernández

What activities cannot be done?

All those activities that are not essential, such as commercial premises and social gatherings. In addition, a circulation certificate.

Who are exempted from fulfilling the isolation

  • Health personnel
  • Staff
  • Security forces
  • Higher authorities of the national, provincial and municipal governments
  • Workers of the national, provincial and municipal public sector summoned to guarantee essential services and others whose list can be consulted in the resolution of this Council that is published on the digital page

It is important to note that the Council communicated the suspension of interurban transport of passengers between the different localities of the provincial territory, from 12 noon on Thursday until March 18 inclusive.


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