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With this decision, a first stage was closed and now they will begin to analyze the assets of the soccer star and his fortune, which are the subject of dispute

The civil and commercial judge of La Plata Luciana Tedesco del Rivero defined this Friday that the five recognized children of Diego Maradona They are the only ones heirs in the succession of your property over which there is a dispute.

From there, Maradona’s defined heirs are Dalma, Gianinna, Jana, Dieguito Fernando and Diego Junior, according to the documentation in the file.

The judge recognized the birth of each of the sons of Maradona product of different love relationships throughout his life, as with Claudia Villafañe and Verónica Ojeda.

Although the declaration of heirs has been made, it can be expanded in the event of someone who claims to be Maradona’s son who should be proven, assured NA.

Even before the declaration of heirs, a young woman appeared stating that she is daughter of the deceased footballer which has not yet been proven to be such, but if it does, it will be expanded as an heir.

Maradona’s assets and his fortune

Diego Junior is one of Maradona’s heirs recognized by Justice

Based on this definition, a first stage was closed and a discussion would begin Maradona’s assets and his fortune, which are the cause of dispute between the children, but also against the lawyer Matías Morla who was an administrator and manager of the soccer star.

Days ago, the daughters Dalma and Gianinna asked the lawyer Matías Morla to report on the contract that united him with the former footballer, his fees, what kind of tasks he performed, how much and for what service was paid to the environment that lived together in recent years, including his sister Vanesa Morla, his brother-in-law Christian Pomargo and others who were part of daily life.

They also demanded that he report all the invoices for professional services made to Maradona, from 2014 until the moment of his death, “in order to corroborate the type of tasks and professional work carried out by you and thus assess whether any payment for professional services or fees that you have made would be pending.”

The request of the daughters is also to support the reason for the donation that Maradona made during his lifetime of various properties and cash, some of which went to Rocío Oliva, former partner of the former footballer.

Maradona’s finances: they assure that “he was left with nothing”

Dalma and Yanina are two of the five children who will inherit Maradona's fortune

Dalma and Yanina are two of the five children who will inherit Maradona’s fortune

Weeks ago, Mario Baudry, attorney for Verónica Ojeda and Diego Fernando, gave details about Diego Maradona’s finances. In dialogue with the members of the Informed program, from America, he assured that the Ten “was left with nothing.”

“Of all the assets that Diego supposedly has, there is nothing,” he said. And he clarified: “In the succession there is nothing; there are the four cars: the truck, the two BMWs and Doña Tota’s car. there are the four accounts where the 6 million dollars appear“.

According to the lawyer, Diego spent 800,000 on a card on a monthly basis. Which made him wonder how that was possible, “if he was locked up all the time.”

“Dieguito had an extension, but they were expenses from the Burger King, the pharmacy and the iPad games. Nobody brings us the documentation,” he stressed.

On the other hand, Baudry added that Diego’s expenses are not listed in the succession file. “However, a document letter was sent to Maradona’s accountants and they replied that they were with the AFIP, that they were not going to present anything,” he said.

At all times, the lawyer tried to account for what was strange to him in the Maradona case. In fact, he stressed that el Ten “was a man who had a turnover of 500 million dollars”. “He was left with nothing: zero,” he warned.

“The only thing that is there is the money that is in the accounts. If you tell me that it has 6 million dollars, for me it is a lot of money, yes. Perhaps I will not get to collect it in my whole life; but for Diego it was nothing”, he pointed.


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