Agricultural machinery: two Cordoba brands, in the “top ten” of sales and in the middle of the multinationals


The Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara) published this Friday a complete X-ray of the 2020 Argentine market for self-propelled agricultural and road machinery, in which Córdoba stood out for two factors.

In the first place, because it was the province with the highest total sales: it jumped two places, surpassing the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Caba) and the province of Buenos Aires, which had led the table in 2019.

The statistics, as made on the basis of patents, correspond to self-propelled vehicles; that is to say, it does not include seeders and hoppers (among other implements) that are “trailed” (they are pulled by tractors or trucks).

In total, last year 1,885 units were marketed in Córdoba between tractors, combines, sprayers and road machines, which means a growth of 25.2 percent compared to 1,506 in 2019.

In Caba, on the other hand, sales collapsed 33.9 percent, from 2,226 vehicles to 1,471; and in Buenos Aires, they fell 1.9 percent, from 1,904 to 1,867.

In 2020, the one that got on the podium was Santa Fe, with 1,665 Mavi patents, 17.3 percent more than in the previous year.

Leading Brands

The other factor for which Córdoba stood out was the presence of two local brands in the top ten of sales and fighting for leadership in their respective areas.

With 979 units sold, the factory of tractors and road machinery Pauny, from Las Varillas, increased its sales by 22.7 percent. In addition, it grew from a share of 8.6 percent in total patents in 2019 to 11.1 percent in 2020.

Likewise, it improved its position in the tractor market, going from a share of 17 percent to one of 19 percent.

In the same way, Metalfor, from Marcos Juárez, increased its participation in the field of sprayers from 28 percent to 30 percent and was “stick to stick” with Pla, a Santa Fe firm that in 2018 was bought by the multinational and leader absolute of the Argentine market, John Deere.

Metalfor increased its sales 62.1 percent, from 177 to 287 units, while Pla doubled them, from 142 to 300.

In this context, another aspect that puts Córdoba at the forefront is that, behind John Deere, which held almost 25 percent of the market with 2,170 patents, New Holland (1,206) and Case IH (1,063), which produce tractors and harvesters at the CNH Industrial plant in the Ferreyra neighborhood.

Pauny and Metalfor are the only factories with national capital that are within the 10 best-selling companies in the country.


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