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In February, the increase per hour worked was received, but for those who choose to monthly their salary, the real impact will be seen in the coming days.

During February, domestic servantss received the second tranche of the joint venture agreed at the end of last November. This occurred within the framework of a total agreement that implies a rise of 28%, divided into three sections: December, February and April.

Last December, domestic service received a 10% setting and February 2021, 8%; what remains then will come with the April salary and will be 10% more.

Then, in February, the increase was received by hours worked, but for those workers who choose to monthly their salary, the real impact will materialize in the coming days.

For that, it will be necessary to take into account: the category, modality and hours worked.

Housemaids: what’s the next increase


When the total increase established in the parity is completed in April, the hourly payment according to each scale will be as follows:

Supervisor: who carries out the coordination and control of the tasks carried out by people under his charge.

  • Hour with withdrawal: $ 206
  • Non-withdrawal hour: $ 225.50
  • Monthly with withdrawal: $ 25,746
  • Monthly without withdrawal: $ 28,678.50

Housekeeper / Personnel for specific tasks: those people who were hired to carry out specific tasks, for which they must have adequate knowledge to carry them out.

  • Hour with withdrawal: $ 195
  • Non-withdrawal hour: $ 214
  • Monthly with withdrawal: $ 23,919.50
  • Monthly without withdrawal: $ 26,626.50

Housekeeper / Household: people who are dedicated to the care of a home and who also live in it, by contract.

  • Hour: $ 183.50
  • Monthly: $ 23,337

Domestic employee / Assistance and care of people: those employees who perform the assistance and care of others, being that they do not perform a therapeutic treatment but only take care of themselves.

  • Hour with withdrawal: $ 183.50
  • Non-withdrawal hour: $ 206
  • Monthly with withdrawal: $ 23,337
  • Monthly without withdrawal: $ 26,007

Housekeeper / General Duty Staff: those who perform household chores, which are varied such as cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing.

  • Hour with withdrawal: $ 171
  • Non-withdrawal hour: $ 183.50
  • Monthly with withdrawal: $ 20,987
  • Monthly without withdrawal: $ 23,337

The Personal Union of Private House Assistants (UPACP) nevertheless clarified that for “the personnel that carry out tasks included in more than one category will be included in the one that is the main one that they carry out regularly.”

In addition, on its website, the UPACP reported that in case of working in areas considered unfavorable, the edomestic employees it went from 25% to 28% more than the minimum wages established for each category. Those provinces are: La Pampa, Rio Negro, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, or in the Patagones Party of the Province of Buenos Aires.

How each category is divided

  • The minimum wage of a domestic worker will depend on several factors, among which are the following:
  • The category of staff
  • The working method
  • The number of hours worked

How many hours does a domestic worker have to work?

About the esalary scale of the staff of private homes, an amount is established for each category and mode of provision. However, in terms of the number of hours of service provided, two remunerations are proposed: a monthly value for staff who perform a full-time workday (48 hours a week) and a value per hour worked.

In addition, the salaries of domestic staff are not adjusted by the minimum, vital and mobile salary because they are excluded from that regime. They are governed by what is resolved by the National Commission for Work in Private Houses. The latest data from INDEC indicate that informal or unregistered domestic staff were the most affected by the pandemic and quarantine.

In 2020, the salary of the private house employee had an increase of 10% in two sections. The first in March and the second in May, through Commission resolution 1/2020. With the pandemic, the Government included the domestic worker among the beneficiaries of the IFE but, according to the report of the Union of Domestic and Allied Workers (UTDA), almost half of the domestic workers did not receive it.

In 2020, the salary of the employee of private homes had an increase of 10% in two sections

In 2020, the salary of the employee of private homes had an increase of 10% in two sections

For their part, employers of private house workers were excluded from the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) whereby the State paid the salaries of private workers for the equivalent of between one and two minimum wages.


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