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This functionality is being tested for future versions of the service for Android and iOS. We tell you how it works

The so popular app Whatsapp works on the new self-destructing images feature. This is an option that will allow users to send Photographs that are automatically deleted when the user leaves the conversation.

This functionality is still in testing for future versions of the service intended for Android and iOS.

The Self-destruct option allows you to select an image using an icon located at the bottom left. When pressed, the user is warned that this file will disappear when they leave the chat.

Those who receive a self destruct image They will also have a blurred thumbnail in the conversations, and before opening them, they are shown the warning message about their deletion.

Messages that self-destruct cannot be shared outside of the app.

How to chat with someone without adding them as a contact

Send message without having them as contacts Whatsapp it’s a memory and time saving feature. There is a way to chat with people without adding them to your phone contact list.

Self-destructing messages cannot be shared outside of the app

All you need is to enter any web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Safari. The messaging application allows you to configure the sending of messages through an API:

In the “number” section, You must write the phone number you want to send the message to, this requires including the country code. Argentina, for example, is 54. Finally, doing so will open a page that will say “message”, which when clicked, will break down the conversation with the number that was indicated.

Changes in audio messages on WhatsApp

The popular instant messaging service launched a very interesting and simple tool that promises to be very useful for users.

Have you ever wanted to send a video and didn’t do it for its audio? You may record something on your device and want to send the content to a friend, but the sound is very annoying or you don’t want your mother to be heard screaming in the background: WhatsApp finally fixed this little problem with a feature on the video submission screen.

So far, removing the audio from a video was not something too simple for users.

It was necessary to download a video editor and manage to find the function to lower the volume or remove it completely. Now things change considerably and it is much easier thanks to the instant messaging platform.

Now the app included a feature that allows you to mute a video before sending it.

You simply have to enter WhatsApp, select a video from your gallery and send it. In the last step you will see that a new button appears to mute the audio: if you activate it, the video will be sent muted.

It is not necessary to do anything else, with this simple step the video will be muted and the person who receives it will only see the content that was filmed without listening to the audio.

It is a very interesting function that you can also use to mute a video without having to download an editor: you will have to create a group with yourself, send the muted video and download it to have it in your gallery without audio.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging that should be avoided if you drank alcohol.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging that should be avoided if you drank alcohol.

WhatsApp added the “vacation mode” for everyone

Whatsapp, the most popular messaging app, with 2 billion active users in the world, will finally offer a new “Holiday mode”.

It is an easy option to disconnect from groups and conversations. Because the modality home office intensified the use of the messaging application, the company rushes the new update.

This function allows archive chats and not receive their notifications, unless the archived chats folder is entered.

“It is as if the group chat is ‘sleeping’ in the archive, so it will never be unarchived,” explains WaBetaInfo.

In this way, it dramatically changes the behavior of archived chats. With this new function, archived chats will not be deactivated if they have been previously muted, so all work chats can be archived and notifications will not be shown again until we deactivate the new mode.

From the beginning, this function was known as “holiday mode”. However, this week it was announced that it will complement the archived messages folder. Then there will simply be a new option “Ignore chat and send to archive”.

How to activate the “vacation mode” in WhatsApp

Open the application and enter Settings (Android) / Settings (iOS).

Enter the menu Notifications and activate “vacation mode”.

Then archive individual chats or WhatsApp groups to silence them.

How to activate the

How to activate the “vacation mode” in WhatsApp

Whatsapp It has not yet announced when it will be available definitively. Currently, only beta versions were able to test the update. However, the messaging app has already started introducing the new feature and the official launch is not far off.


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