Consumption marked by need


The pandemic left nothing to change in the lives of the people of Cordoba. Either by imposition or necessity, the behavior changes were present during the last 12 months.

In that period, one of the most massive transformations was the change in consumption patterns. Is that the loss of purchasing power in much of the population (especially the salaried) made the preferences for certain leading brands were mutating towards other more economical, located at a lower level.

In times of crisis, second and third brands gain a place on the shelves of mass merchandise stores. Since 2001, its role has been increasing or decreasing depending on the strength of the population’s income. Its greatest irruption since 2018 increased during the past year due to the effects of sanitary isolation.

The foreground of today’s edition is dedicated to reflecting the degree of penetration that alternative brands have had in the consumption of Cordobans.

Their presence is more dominant in neighborhood stores, where they have come to represent up to 57 percent of sales. The data belongs to a survey by the Cordoba Warehouse Center, on a network of 96 thousand stores, distributors, dietitians, deli, greengrocers, butchers and chicken shops throughout the province.

In businesses in large cities and in tourist corridors, penetration is lower: between 25 percent and 30 percent.

These are times when consumption reflects a loss of loyalty on the part of buyers towards the leading brands and a consolidation of alternative labels. This will remain the case until the income purchasing power of the majority of the population ceases to lose to inflation.

The fall in purchasing power forced the consumer to stop buying leading brands and having to opt for alternatives.

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