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The journalist recalled her conflict with the president, the discomfort at the rumors of romance between them and how they clarified things

Invited to talk about her new program, which starts on Monday at 18, in A24, Viviana Canosa did not leave a topic in the pipeline in Intratables, por América, with Fabián Doman. “I told Liliana Parodi, let me be. If not, I cannot,” said the journalist in relation to the directive behind the programming of the signal. “I am free. The first thing I asked was if there were blacklists, people you can’t bring, or speak. I do not operate. It is difficult for me to say something that I do not feel or do not want, “said Canosa, who clarified before accepting the challenge.

“In a very abrupt way, one day, pregnant with Martina. Epoca K. My daughter’s father (Alejandro Borensztein) worked at Clarín. Overnight I was left without work. In the middle of a gruesome smear campaign. There I went. Anyway, I really wanted to go from that area. Because I get bored. You saw the marriages, I always stay four or five years longer than I should. I don’t know how to finish them, “Viviana reflected on how and why she stopped doing shows on Channel 9, where in the afternoon she reached 18 rating points at seven in the afternoon.

Canosa confessed that he resumed the dialogue with the president and they asked each other for forgiveness

His love life

“I got divorced three years ago and only six months ago have I been ready to fall in love again. When you have a child it is different. Before I separated, I suffered and always a nail would take out another nail. Not now. I wouldn’t tell you that I don’t believe in love but I’m like this. I am afraid of men. I do not want to suffer more for love, “Canosa said and also clarified that he was never interested in money in men.

“I fell in love many times. I empower the men I’m with a lot. I may seem like a very overwhelming mine, but later in a bond I am very, I will not call you submissive, but I like to share“He clarified. And he said:” The man in my life is the father of my daughter. But the relationship of my life has not yet arrived. That man with whom you say, beyond all the obvious -chemistry, sex, skin-, the one to have fun, have the same tastes … ”

In relation to living with the men in his life, he said: “I did not live with my daughter’s father. We tried for a year and it didn’t work. I could put up with almost everything. He couldn’t put up with almost anything. I don’t know if he would put up with me for a while. man who snores. I’m not saying it for him. With an eight-year-old daughter, I don’t know if he would live with a man and join in. I haven’t been with anyone for a long time. ”


Was there an affair with the President?

In this context, while the topic of his supposed romance with the current president of the Argentines was around, Canosa said: “I have such good guests on my programs because I call them. And later I smoke that they invent romances. I chase them, I drive them crazy, I call them later. I am a producer of soul“.

Then Fabián Doman asked him if perhaps that is why his interviewees were not confused. “Their problem,” he answered forcefully and added: “I found out on TV that I had a sudden romance with Berni. And I took that one with more humor. The previous one I did not take with humor … I didn’t stop until I got it. I met Alberto Fernandez because we wanted Cristina. ”

“I’m not going to ask you if you went out with the president. I’m going to ask you if the president was hooked on you,” Doman told him so that Canosa answered that: “No. You realize it.” And when the journalist, inferring that Canosa got the grades with the former president as part of a game of seductionHe insisted: “He gave you nine interviews.” Then Canosa clarified that he also gave them to Gato Silvestre and, changing the axis, he said that he had liked a politician who did not give him a ball. “Pichetto. I love it.”

Then, when Doman asked him again about Alberto Fernández, Canosa did not doubt: “Do you want me to throw you a scoop? About a month ago he called me to see me and to have lunch in Olivos. He asked me for forgiveness. And I also… I took the opportunity to continue my game. Because I was absolutely disappointed. The same would have said of Macri. And look, I’ve said things about Macri. Nobody ever called me that … I was scared. “He also added:” You think it was easy for me to enter the channel after that. Let them say, ‘She’s dating the president.’ Because I am not that. I made myself alone. Let’s put in context: quarantine, anguish, pain … ”

Then he reviewed how the conflict was. “I have been helping dining rooms in La Matanza for years. I don’t count it. In the middle of quarantine, the people of La Matanza that food does not arrive. I send a message to the president. I cleared it up at lunch. I started to say it. Gather two suits of business friends. I send you two sticks of food. And this woman calls me, I’m not going to give her name, and she says: ‘I have a huge problem: the pointers won’t let me get my food, they’re going to rush me. Then he said to me: ‘Do what you have to do and do not get into what you do not know‘. In that tone, Alberto Fernández, president. Me, humble journalist. There I warmed up, “Viviana Canosa explained.

Then he told how the conflict continued. “The president sent me a message and said: ‘It’s going to turn everything against you,'” said the journalist. Doman asked him if he had experienced it as a threat. “I didn’t feel it… It was strong. But everything is settled. But at that moment I started to tremble. I was terrified. I didn’t tell my daughter’s father, or my family. I kept quiet about him for a week. What do I do? I censure. But it is already, settled and finished. That does not mean that I do not appear on Monday and make the criticisms that I make of the government, “he added.


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