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You can have two accounts that are independent in terms of content, followers or followed but that share email and phone number

There are many times when we may want one secondary Instagram account whether it is for professional use or simply if we want to have a thematic account of something: with the series that you watch and want to recommend, with the books that you read, with phrases or designs that you make. You do not need two applications or any special tool … We explain how to do it step by step, what options we have or how you can delete it.

Create a new account on Instagram

We have two options to create a new account on Instagram: make two independent accounts and use them in the app jumping from one to another, each one with their login data or their username and password … Or, have linked accounts that share a login.

What does this mean? You can have two accounts that are independent in terms of content, followers or followed but that share email and phone number. We are going to explain both options so that you can consider which is better or which is more useful to you. Whichever option you choose, it is very important and essential that you do not repeat your password as this will worsen the security of your account and they will be able to access all your data.

Secondary account

If you create a secondary account, you should bear in mind that you will need another email to link it to. Practically everyone has more than one email account in their name so this will not pose any problem for us, you just have to remember which email address corresponds to each account or which password corresponds to each of the accounts.

-Open Instagram

– If you already have your account open, tap on your profile icon

– In the upper left corner you will see your username and an arrow

– Open the drop-down menu

– Choose the option “Add account” at the bottom of the screen

– It will give you two options: Login to an existing account / Create new account

– Tap on “Create new account”

You can have two accounts that are independent in terms of content, but share email and phone number

Add new account

Once we have reached this point we have to choose what will be our username. It must be unique and it must not already be chosen by another Instagram user, so it is likely that you will have to try several times to find yours. When you get it, a check will appear next to the name on the right side. If you have it, tap “Next”. Now Instagram will ask us for a password. Enter the password and tap “next” again.

Secondary Instagram account

When you get to the next screen is when we differ from the previous step: we can link the secondary Instagram account to the main one or we can add a different phone or email depending on whether you want to separate one account from another or not. What is better? If they are personal, you can have them linked. If it is for work, perhaps it will be much more useful to unlink them in case someone else has to access or if you do not want the contacts that have you in the phonebook to find you by your phone number …

– You will find two options: Complete registration / Add phone or email

– Tap on the second: Add phone or email

– Choose “Email”: indicate the email you want, which can be work or other secondary

-Tap on “Next”

– Link Instagram accounts

You will receive a confirmation code that they will have sent to your email. Enter the code on the Instagram login screen and hit “Next”. You will have already created your secondary Instagram account that you can use as you want and for what you want.


No need for two apps or any special tools, just follow a series of steps

Linked accounts

If you want to link both accounts you will have to follow the previous steps up to the point where “Create new account” is indicated. Once here we will choose our username and password as explained in the previous section. But instead of choosing the option “Add phone or email” you just have to tap on “Complete registration”.

That is, the steps to follow are the following:

– Go to your Instagram profile

– Tap on your name and go to “Add account”

– Choose the option “create new account”

– Choose a username

– Fill in a password for that user

– You will arrive at the screen where Instagram explains that it is going to link the account with your main account: We will add the email and phone number from X to Y. You can update this information whenever you want by accessing the settings or entering new data. When you have reached this screen, as you see in the attached screenshot, tap on the “Complete registration” option.

In a few seconds the account will be created and you can use it like any other

How to switch from one account to another

Instagram years ago did not allow managing more than one account from a single app. Now, luckily, yes. From the official application you can have several accounts added… One, two, three or more than five accounts if you are going to manage them all or you are professionally dedicated to social networks. Changing from one to the other is very simple:

– Go to your profile by tapping on the picture of it

– Look at the top left

– Tap on your username

– A menu will appear with all the accounts linked to that phone

– Choose the one you want

To change from one to another you will only have to repeat this process that will take a few seconds. You can jump from one account to another as many times as you want or need.

Delete account

If you have tired of the secondary Instagram account you can delete it without affecting your main account. You will have to do it from the computer’s browser:

– Open

– Log in to the account with your username and password

– Go to the website to delete the Instagram account

– Make sure that the account you want to delete is that

– Choose from the drop-down menu the reason you have to delete it

– Confirm with “Permanently delete account”


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