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The president lost ground in some of the districts that were more favorable to him, due to the “VIP vaccination” scandal

The picture of the management of President Alberto Fernández it fell month-on-month in February in almost all the country’s provinces, although it achieved certain improvements in districts that are not usually entirely favorable to it.

The Positive perception of the president fell since January in 18 provinces and in the City of Buenos Aires. The falls reached three points month by month in some cases: in Formosa it lost 3.1 points and remained at 61.7%; in Rio Negro it fell three boxes to settle at 52.6%, and in San Luis it lost 2.7 points since January and obtained 51.3% approval.

“Alberto Fernandez fell in image in 19 provinces product to which we did this survey between February 18 and 20, when the “vaccinate” broke out on the 19th, so it caught us in the middle. He ended up losing points in districts where he had a better image, so this means a wake-up call: where the President measures best is where the scandal affected him the most“, said to iProfessional Cristian Buttié, director of CB Consultora, the firm that carried out the aforementioned measurement.

“This also has its explanation because Alberto Fernández started with a positive image above 80% that naturally went down to more rational levels, but they still clearly support it. sectors that did not vote and what did you see scared with the ‘vaccinate’“added the analyst.

The district where the more he increased his positive image compared to the previous month is in Cordova (2.4 points), while in the province of Chaco It is where its image lowered the most compared to January (-7.2 points) according to the report made based on 17,050 cases of people over 18 years of age in 23 provinces of the country and the Federal Capital.

Buttié commented in this regard: “In each province we surveyed between 500 and 1200 people to obtain results with a margin of error of 3.5 to 3.8 percent. I emphasize this because the two-point growth of Alberto Fernández in Córdoba is very important , especially in that province, but it is within the margin of error. The same does not happen with the fall of the image of the President in Chaco, which exceeds the margin of error and is forceful. ”

“Alberto Fernández is an actor of the Frente de Todos who differs from the other members of the party that we measure in each province. He widely surpasses in a positive image in Córdoba both the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the leader of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa. This means that there is a differential when evaluating it, although it continues with a negative image that exceeds the positive one in that province, “he said.

On the other hand, the perception of the President improved in five provinces. In Tucumán it maintained a 57.8% positive image, 1.9% more than in January; in Misiones it achieved 56.9%, 2.8% more than the previous month; in Chubut it grew 2.3% to stand at 55.3% in February; in Santa Cruz it rose 1.7%, to 54.2%; and finally in Córdoba, one of the provinces least related to the ruling party, it was above 40% and managed to climb 2.5 points in a month.

It is worth clarifying that the perception of Alberto Fernández’s management continues to be above 50% approval in 20 of the 24 districts analyzed. In the provinces where it obtains less than half of the positive mentions are Santa Fe (43.4%), Córdoba (40.6%), Mendoza (37.2%) and the City of Buenos Aires (35, 9%).

And in the cases of Santiago del Estero, Neuquén, Formosa, Chaco, Catamarca and Tierra del Fuego, more than 60% of those consulted they evaluate with good eyes the management of the current government

How the governors fared

Gustavo Valdes, from Corrientes, is the governor who obtained the best level of positive image in February

CB Consultora also measured the perception of the population regarding the governors and the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

The references that make up the “top 5” of that ranking had growth in their positive image since January:

1. Gustavo Valdes placeholder image (Corrientes), 68.1% with a positive image (it grew 1.5% since January)

two. Sergio Uñac (San Juan), 67.6% (1.2% more than in January)

3. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (City of Buenos Aires), 66.5% (1.6% more than in January)

Four. Rodolfo Suarez (Mendoza), 65.8% (2% more than in January)

5. Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), 64.7% (0.9% more than in January)

Those mentioned are governors of different parties. “It happens that in each province there is a different agenda. In the case of Valdes, he has a pretty strong leadership that recognizes even the opposition. And at the same time, this is an electoral year in both Corrientes and Santiago del Estero, “Buttié analyzed.

In the case of San Juan, the analyst attributes this high positive image to having a “governor present”, who also obtained resources from the Nation to repair the damage of the last earthquake.

“Rodríguez Larreta gives the porteños what they need to differentiate as they usually like, in a good way, for management, works and growth, “he continued.

“Suarez vindicate the UCR in Mendoza, and thus it can be differentiated from Kircnerism and the PJ, who do not like Mendoza, and the last one is Capitanich who has grown above all in the interior of the province, where it recently had much more participation, “stated the director of CB Consultora.

On the other side of the table, between governors with worst level of positive image At this time, there were Alicia Kirchner from Santa Cruz (44.9% positive image), Gustavo Melella from Tierra del Fuego (42.4%), Mariano Arcioni from Chubut (41.8%) and Omar Perotti from Santa Fe (41.2 %).

Except in the case of Santa Cruz, which since January has improved its positive image by 1.6 points, in the rest of the cases at the end of the ranking there were month-on-month declines.

“Who most increased his positive image compared to the previous month is Juan Schiaretti of Córdoba (points), while Gustavo Melella Tierra del Fuego is the one who lowered its image the most compared to January (-5.4 points), “the report remarks.

Main references

How did the main opposition leaders do in February in terms of image

How did the main opposition leaders do in February in terms of image

CB Consultora also surveyed the variations in the perception that public opinion has on the main referents of the ruling party and the opposition.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta it has its highest positive image in the Federal Capital (66.5%) and its lowest in the province of Tierra del Fuego (40.8%). The province where its positive image increased the most compared to the previous month is Corrientes (+5 points), while in the Province of Buenos Aires it is where its image decreased the most compared to January (-4.3 points).

For her part, the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner it obtained its best score in Chaco (62.9%) and its lowest positive image in the City of Buenos Aires (24.5%).

CB Consultora remarks that in February the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, improved its positive image in 17 provinces compared to the previous month. Its highest positive image is in Formosa (53.2%) and the lowest in Mendoza (23.9%). “In the case of the growth of Sergio Massa, it is clear that the modification in the Income Tax that he promoted could have impacted on that sector that had been criticizing him for the economy, “Buttié analyzed.

Finally, also the former president Mauricio Macri improved its positive image in 14 provinces compared to the previous month. Its best reputation was in Córdoba (52.2%) and the lowest levels of positive image were registered in Santiago del Estero (22.1%).


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