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Local salaries not only lose against inflation, but also against the incomes of the same jobs in the region. Know the numbers

The salaries of Argentine workers have been falling in the face of inflation, but also in comparison with colleagues from other countries in the region. Measured in dollars, wages paid in the country are far below those of Colombia, Chile or Peru.

This is how you can find out when analyzing the data from a recent report from the consultancy Show me the Money. “In general, all countries adjusted wages downward during this period; most of them around a 10% less, except Chile which has presented a decrease of only 5%. Variable salaries have undoubtedly suffered the greatest decreases with an average of 45% “, detailed Murilo Arruda, CEO & Founder of the company.

In turn, he also added that “a demand for professionals by companies is expected in the coming months, to rehire positions that they had to eliminate and to adjust profiles to this new normality. The great critical mass of people in the market looking for a job, he will adjust wages downward, as supply will far exceed demand. ”

Argentina loses in the salary comparison with its peers in the region.

In this panorama, what about Argentine wages? For example, a CFO of a small company currently earns:

  • Chile: $ 5,200 among the lowest, and $ 9,000 among the highest.
  • Peru: from $ 3,300 to $ 7,800 between the maximums.
  • Colombia: from $ 3,900 to $ 9,200, the highest.
  • Argentina: start at 1,400 blue dollars and go up to u $ s32.00

In the area of Human Resources, managers of medium-sized companies have income close to:

  • Chile: from US $ 6,600 to US $ 11,600.
  • Peru: they start at $ 2,200 and go up to $ 5,000.
  • Colombia: the lowest are around US $ 2,800 and continue to US $ 5,490.
  • Argentina: they start close to US $ 1,300 and go up to US $ 3,100.

For their part, marketing managers from a multinational gain:

  • Chile: from US $ 5,600 to US $ 9,900.
  • Peru: from US $ 3,800 to US $ 8,900.
  • Colombia: they start at $ 3,100 and go up to $ 7,200.
  • Argentina: from US $ 1,600 to US $ 3,800.

And a CIO of a large company has an income of:

  • Chile: from u $ s8,500 to u $ s14,800.
  • Peru: from US $ 5,000 to US $ 10,100.
  • Colombia: from US $ 7,100 to US $ 14,200.
  • Argentina: from u $ s2,400 to u $ s5600.

Finally, the CEO from a large firm wins:

  • Chile: from $ 12,200 to $ 25,500.
  • Peru: they start at $ 12,100 and go up to $ 21,200.
  • Colombia: from $ 11200 to $ 17,000.
  • Argentina: from US $ 4,600 to US $ 6,900.

Look out

This situation, in which Argentines lose in the salary comparison, human resources experts begin to warn about how Argentine talent set its sights abroad.

Experts warn about the growing interest of professionals to migrate.

The current economic and labor situation, added to the extension of the quarantine, were triggers so that today the Argentine real wage is among the lowest in the region“, explains María Laura Scarano, Selection Manager at Bayton Group.

Salaries with respect to the region struggle against two key factors: “inflation (very high with respect to countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru), and the constant variation in the value of the dollar,” adds Scarano.

In this sense, the specialist argues that “it is important that the public and private sectors work on salary recomposition in all structures to return to being among the average of the countries of the region and not suffer so much migration of young professionals to markets that they weren’t so attractive before. “

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