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The applications that most people use regularly collect a lot of user data; these are the ones with the most information

At this point in the advance of the technology, all people know that when they use an application or a service they give part of their personal information. The apps that are downloaded in the cell phones and that are usually used on a day-to-day basis, the company collects data.

However, the information varies a lot from one company to another: some file your name, date of birth and email address but others can get to know your tastes, weight, height, hobbies or pets. They can also store banking information, other social networks and data published on them.

Which are the pages and apps that store more information

The use of the data changes according to the company in question. However, it is important to know that they most often target targeted advertising, as indicated by the Digital Policy Law site.

1. Facebook

According to a report published by the aforementioned site and carried out by Clario Tech, the first place is taken by Facebook, a social network that needs user data to recommend friends, report birthdays and make group suggestions, for example. The most important aspect for which they need your users’ data is the personalized advertising recommendation. Yes, those ads that appear after you search for a product or trip.

How much data do you collect? Of all the data that a company can legally collect about you, Facebook collects 70.59%.

Facebook is one of the apps that collects more information about users

2. Instagram

Instagram is the second app on the list of the most information collect. Also owned by Mark Zuckerberg, this page collects 58.82% of all available data, such as hobbies, height, weight, and sexual orientation. As with Facebook, the use of data has to do with advertising and recommending accounts.

3. Tinder

The third place is taken Tinder, this popular dating app that is used all over the world. This tool collects 55.88% of the data available from users in order to help them find a partner. Tinder accesses the age, sexual orientation, height, interests, if the person has pets, and can even access bank details to sell the premium version, Tinder Plus.

Tinder can store the messages that are sent to potential appointments, send targeted advertising with ads and products, and track how the user uses different social networks.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world

4. Grindr

Grindr is another of the dating apps, but it has a peculiarity: it is only for gay people. This company collects almost the same amount of information as Tinder, with a 52.94% stored.

5. Spotify

The giant of the streaming music occupies fifth place in this ranking. It keeps a third of user data -35.29% – and takes advantage of social media profiles to understand interests and hobbies. In this way, you can make the most of your algorithm and customize the suggestions and recommendations as much as possible.

Something similar happens with Netflix, which tracks with the help of the sophisticated algorithm the type of titles that the user enjoys and makes recommendations.

Spotify collects a little over a third of user data

Spotify collects a little over a third of user data

6. Nike and Depop

Nike and Depop are two of the companies that rank sixth in this ranking. These are two pages that collect the name, email, address, and other information to facilitate online purchases.

Then there is Amazon, which only collects the 23.53% of the data that could be accessed. The world’s largest online retailer collects data such as name, email, address, and bank details, although what it does track is how the user uses the platform. To do this, it monitors items you buy, products you visit or review, reviews you leave, among other key points, and helps promote new products that match consumer interests.

The report concludes that 93% of companies store the email address to keep in touch with you or for future marketing campaigns.


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