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The national government released a list with 70 inoculated by order of the Ministry of Health, ten of them in the “VIP vaccination” of the health portfolio

The national government released a list with 70 inoculated by order of the Ministry of Health, ten of them in the “VIP vaccination” of the health portfolio, among which are officials, ministers, legislators, former leaders, journalists and businessmen.

“At the express request of the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, the Posadas Hospital and to the areas involved in the national health portfolio, the list of people vaccinated at the request of the Ministry of Health. Likewise, the audit of the nominal registry was instructed, “said an official report.

The most important name on the list is Alberto Fernandez, who was vaccinated on January 21. There is also the now former minister of Health Ginés González García, who was vaccinated the same day as the President and also shared his experience with a photo.

Among the 70 names is also the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Felipe Solá; Eduardo Duhalde, ‘Chiche’ Duhalde and Daniel Scioli and other leaders.

Carlos Zannini, Attorney General of the Nation’s Treasury and one of the leaders closest to Cristina Kirchner, is among those vaccinated with Sputnik V and Julio Vitobello, Secretary General of the Presidency. Another of the relevant names is Sergio Chodos, the representative for the Southern Cone on the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The complete list released by the Government

Also on the list are the 10 political, union and business leaders who were vaccinated by Posadas Hospital personnel at the facilities of the National Health Ministry on February 18. The first list that uncovered the scandal for the Government’s ‘VIP Vaccination’.

They are: Horacio Verbitsky; Florencio, Lourdes, Matilde and Dolores Noya Aldrey; Seza Manukian; Happy Guille; Jorge Taiana; Salomón Schachter and Eduardo Valdés.

The people vaccinated by personnel of the Posadas Hospital in facilities of the Ministry of Health of the Nation on February 18, 2021 are the following:

  • Manukian Seza
  • Verbitsky Horacio
  • Noya Aldrey Lourdes
  • Noya Aldrey Matilde
  • Noya Aldrey Dolores
  • Guille Felix Eulogio
  • Aldrey Florencio
  • Taiana Jorge Enrique
  • Schachter Solomon
  • Valdes Eduardo Felix

Horacio Verbitsky was one of the first names to be known in the wake of the VIP vaccination scandal

Those requested by the Ministry of Health were the following:

  • Fernandez Alberto
  • Vitobello Julio
  • Martin Marcelo
  • Collazo Esteban
  • Ritacco Nicolas
  • Only Felipe
  • Neme Jorge
  • Guzman Martin
  • Mallamace Melina
  • Voskanyan Vera
  • Chodos Sergio
  • Salinas Pablo
  • Colodenco Maia
  • Scioli Daniel
  • Peppo Oscar
  • Zannini Carlos
  • Gonzalez Gines
  • Bonelli Lisandro Amelio
  • Diaz Bazan Judit
  • Guille Marcelo Ariel
  • Monsalvo Mauricio Alberto
  • Sabignoso Martin Horacio
  • Medina Arnaldo
  • Dàmico Claudio Miguel
  • Corchuelo Jose
  • Barrionuevo Hector
  • Gallardo Patricia
  • Fontela Mariano Alberto
  • Leibovich Andres Joaquin
  • Insua Horacio
  • Zanarini Eugenio Daniel
  • Rearte Analía
  • Saulle Juan Pablo
  • Aquino Analía
  • Alexander Coast
  • Castelli Juan
  • Dominguez Maria De Los Angeles
  • Miranda graciela
  • Burgo Filomena Marta
  • Paez Dalessandro
  • Lopez Irene
  • Mandraccio Nestor
  • Michi Gabriel
  • Devout Jorge Hector
  • Alsua patricia
  • Pepe Lorenzo Antonio
  • Duhalde Marcelo Jorge
  • Curto Hugo
  • Duhalde Eduardo
  • Gonzalez hilda
  • Mao Carlos
  • Duhalde Maria Eva
  • Duhalde Juliana
  • Gilardi Carlos Ariel
  • Morichetti Yael
  • Avella Carlos Alberto
  • Souto Juan
  • Martelletti Camilo
  • Gonzalez Miguel Angel

This is how the VIP vaccine scandal broke out

Friday afternoon was the beginning of this scandal known as VIP vaccination. After the journalist Horace Verbitsky denounced that he had been vaccinated in the Ministry of Health -out of protocol and without a shift, both essential elements to receive the vaccine currently-, a string of data began to appear that would lead to the request for the resignation of the President to the Minister of Health.

The VIP vaccines scandal cost Ginés González García his job

The VIP vaccines scandal cost Ginés González García his job

Finally, Ginés González García, head of the sanitary portfolio, presented his resignation around the 21 hours, at which point he left his office at the Ministry headquarters and published the letter of resignation in his twitter account. There he explained the reasons for his decision, which in truth was an acceptance of Alberto Fernández’s decision.

At that time, it was Carla vizzotti -then Secretary of Access to Health- who took over the ownership of the Ministry. The next day, the President took her oath in the Quinta de Olivos, so she is officially the Minister of Health.


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