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The American ex-fighter created his own cannabis plantation company, in California where the cultivation and consumption of marijuana is legal

Mike tyson, one of the greatest boxing champions in heavyweight history, created his own boxing company cannabis plantation, for which you receive income from $ 500,000 per month.

Tyson, 54, who in his time as a boxer went on to earn 584 million dollars after 56 fights, had to move to California – where the cultivation of cannabis and the consumption of marijuana is legal – to establish his plantation called “Tyson Ranch “.

The former American ex-fighter, like many other sports superstars, wasted his money and in 2003 was forced to file for bankruptcy, with a debt of $ 28 million, the site noted.

“Cannabis saved me from myself”

His appreciation for cannabis as a medicine dates back more than two decades. “At my 30 years, cannabis saved me really from myself. The health benefits were very clear. As he kept saving me, I knew that everyone needed this kind of medicine“he explained.

Tyson described the effect of cannabis on his injuries throughout his career: “I have been fighting for more than 20 years and my body has a lot of wear and tear. I had two surgeries and I used marijuana to calm my nerves, and it took away the pain. they had opiates, and they screwed up my life. ”

The earnings that Tyson pockets each month are the axis of the notes that various North American pages dedicate to the subject, as well as the expenses of about $ 40,000 that the ex-boxer declared since he usually invites many friends who consume his products.

Now the former champion created Tyson Holistic Holdings, which is made up of two different companies: Tyson Holistic and Tyson Ranch. The former invests in companies that deal with hemp products and Tyson Ranch consists of cannabis-derived products.

The biggest drivers of Tyson Ranch’s sales are its premium, locally grown cannabis flowers as well as selling edibles, such as a sparkling soda and a topical pain reliever developed by Tyson himself that is clinically proven to relieve arthritis, joint and muscle pain.

Tyson is also hitting hard in the cannabis business.

Tyson: what the great champion was afraid of

Recently, Tyson gave interviews, appearances, to different media, such as on the Westwood One Sports radio station or on the Hotboxin podcast, in which he has once again explained some aspects of a life that he has given for several documentaries, books, reports and films. In Hotboxin recalled one of the most delicate passages that he has passed in his life, as he himself pointed out.

Tyson recalled a situation he experienced at an evening that he was going to share with Tommy morrison, known for his role Tommy ‘Machine’ Gunn in the film ‘Rocky V’ alongside actor Sylvester Stallone. “I had always been afraid to get tested for AIDS. I was about to fight and Morrison was the headliner boxer, and a doctor friend of mine comes into my locker room and tells me that he wasn’t going to fight that night and that he didn’t believe that he would never fight, “explained ‘Iron Mike’.

Tyson thought at that moment that Morrison’s absence was due to an injury, but the doctor told him: “No mike you’ll find out“.

And Tyson himself added shortly after. “He had HIV and so they called off their fight. I was in a mess. If he got it… I know he didn’t get into more trouble than me. I thought i was dead“.

The truth is that Tommy “El Duque” Morrison, after eleven years of inactivity, returned to the ring in 2007, defeating John Castle by KO in the second round. The following years only disputed two more fights, and both gained them; until on September 1, 2013 Morrison passed away. The cause of death was respiratory and metabolic acidosis and multiple organ failure, diseases derived from being a carrier of HIV.

However, Trisha Morrison, the woman he married in 2011 and who was by his side until the end, said on more than one occasion that her husband had died of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neurological disease. and not because of HIV.

The day Tyson found his wife with Brad Pitt

World boxing champion Mike Tyson shared a curious (and amusing) anecdote from the day he met Brad Pitt. That revelation is included in his autobiographical book entitled “Undisputed Truth” as well as on the show “The Real.”

It all happened in 1989. At that time the boxer and Robins Givens, his wife at the time, were getting divorced, but they were still having sexual encounters.

“One day I had to go to my lawyer’s office, but I decided to stop by Robin’s house for a ‘quickie’. What can I say, I was young and I missed her,” Mike Tyson bleached.

The former boxer said that when he arrived at Givens’ home he had no response so he was preparing to return home. However, that was when he saw her arrive accompanied by Brad Pitt. “There I thought: ‘shit … today I will not have any quickie'”, he said with a laugh.

Mike Tyson also expressed that upon seeing him, the Hollywood star panicked and begged him not to hit him. “He must have been drunk or something, but he begged me not to hit him and told me they were just going over a script,” he added.

The former boxer confessed that although he did not know the famous actor in the best way, he found him to be a friendly person.

“I’m not mad at Brad, in any way. I clearly don’t hold a grudge against him because if he were, he wouldn’t be alive anymore,” he said.

However, Robin Givens delegitimized his ex’s version in an interview with Wendy Williams. She also said that her breakup with Brad Pitt was not because of Mike Tyson.

The artist said that she had met the protagonist of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in an acting class and that the decision to end their relationship was because at that time they were both taking their work seriously.

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