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AFIP enabled the procedure for the refund in the purchase of solidarity dollar on its website. Who is enabled and how they can do it

Since last September 16, the saving dollar became more expensive due to the application of a 35% surcharge corresponding to the Tax on Profits Y Personal property. Specifically, the surcharge is in effect for retail dollar purchases through home banking and credit and debit card purchases that are paid in foreign currency.

However, what is established by regulation 4815/2020 of AFIP does not reach people who do not pay the tribute to Profits or Personal Assets, which They can request that the Treasury reimburse them the weights corresponding to the tax burden.

For a few weeks, the AFIP website has enabled the procedure for the return of 35% in the purchase of savings dollars for people who are not covered by the Income Tax or Personal Assets.

The doctor. Gabriel Hermida, partner of the Tax Department of Auren Argentina and professor of Taxation Fundamentals, Taxes I and Taxes II of the Faculty of Business Sciences of the Austral University, explains how this procedure should be carried out and how long to wait for the refund to be made effective.

The rule causes three situations to occur: People who are not covered by either of the two taxes, People who are reached only by one of them, and People who are covered by both taxes.

The return of Earnings is for the savings dollar acquired in banks.

Not reached by Gains or Personal Assets

In the case of Non-taxpayers of Gains and Personal Assets, the following cases are given:

  • For those who make purchases with foreign currency and are forced to pay 35%, despite not being taxpayers of the Income Tax and the Personal Property Tax, the AFIP established a mechanism so that they can request the return of the tax received . The time to request the refund was once the calendar year in which the collection was made, that is, January 2021, had ended.
  • Monotributistas and retirees who make purchases in foreign currency but who are not covered by Income Taxes and on Personal Assets could request the refund of the perception also in January 2021.
  • In the case of employees in a dependency relationship, on the other hand, the time to request the refund will be when the employer makes the sworn statement, that is, April 2021. If there is a balance, the employee must claim it from AFIP or take it on account of Assets Personal, in case that tax is taxed, that is May or June 2021.
The return of Earnings for dollar purchases can be managed on the AFIP website.

The return of Earnings for dollar purchases can be managed on the AFIP website.

Saving dollar: requirements for the reimbursement of Earnings

However, prior to making the refund request, subjects must meet the following requirements: have a Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT), have a Tax Code, and inform the AFIP of the Uniform Banking Code (CBU) of the Bank account.

Those who need to process the CUIT or the Fiscal Code must do so by taking a web shift through the Institutional Care Management System available on the AFIP page.

A few days ago, the option was enabled so that employees in a dependency relationship have the possibility of requesting a return of 35% of the Income Tax. To request the return, the data load must be perfected, with a tax code, within the WEB Siradig – Worker application. There, you must go to the Add Withholdings / Receipts / Payments tab.

Next, you should select Payment on account – General Resolution (AFIP) 4815/2020. Among the options listed by the AFIP web system, the following stand out:

  • Purchase of banknotes and currencies in foreign currency
  • Perceptions through the use of credit, purchase and debit cards for goods or services made abroad.
  • The refund of this tax will be reflected in the employee’s salary receipt, once the employer receives the form uploaded through the website by the employee.

Regarding the 2020 fiscal period, the employee has time until March 31, 2021 to report deductions and payments on account. Next, the employer must make an annual presentation, considering the information provided by the employee, which expires on April 30 of each year.

When does the refund arrive? The return of the Income Tax will be reflected in the first days of may.

Once again, we see the financial damage that taxpayers suffer from these Withholding Systems, which take up to 8 months to return said withholdings.

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