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The 79-year-old journalist said that he received the coronavirus vaccine after a personal management that he carried out with Ginés González García

Roberto Navarro announced that Horacio Verbitsky will no longer do the column in your program of the radio after the 79-year-old journalist uncovered the scandal of the VIP vaccination.

The person in charge of El Uncover radio announced through the Twitter account the decision to fire Verbitsky himself and justified the reason. “It is immoral that with 50 thousand dead there are vaccinated VIP. It is immoral who authorized it and who was vaccinated. There are no innocents here. And there will surely be some operetta behind. I let @VerbitskyH know that he will no longer continue with his columns in @eldestape_radio“.

Verbitsky reported this Friday that he received the coronavirus vaccine after a personal management that he carried out with the Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García.

Verbitsky vaccination details

According to his account, he received the Russian vaccine this Thursday and did not have any adverse reaction

The journalist Horacio Verbitsky lit the fuse of a new scandal this Friday when he reported that the Sputnik V vaccine no shift at the Ministry of Health, after having consulted the holder of the portfolio, his “old friend” Ginés González García, on how to access the dose.

“I decided to get vaccinated. I started to find out where to do it, I called my old friend Ginés González García, whom I have known long before he was a minister, and he told me that I had to go to the Posadas Hospital,” Verbitsky said in his column in El Uncover. radio.

The journalist indicated: “The Posadas Hospital is in Palomar, I think it is a Morón party, but the neighborhood is Palomar and it is just there from the Carlos Gardel village. And when I was about to go I received a message from the secretary of Ginés, who told me that a team of vaccinators from Posadas was going to come to the Ministry and to give me the vaccine“.

According to his account, the Russian vaccine was placed on Thursday and had no adverse reaction, and the second dose will be applied on March 12.

The 79-year-old journalist said that months ago he had no intention of getting vaccinated, but after close relatives became infected with COVID-19, he changed his mind.

“You remember that a few months ago I said that I preferred to wait a few months before getting vaccinated and see what side effects there could be. I wasn’t in a hurry, I wasn’t going to rush to get vaccinated. Well, I got vaccinated yesterday,” he remarked.

In the province of Buenos Aires, the vaccination of those over 70 began this week and in the City, that population group will begin to be immunized as of next week.

In both districts, the older adult must sign up on a list and wait to be assigned a shift to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

After Verbitsky’s vaccination, Ocaña claims the Government

Vaccine alert: Graciela Ocaña asked the Executive for information.

Vaccine alert: Graciela Ocaña asked the Executive for information.

The national deputy of Together for the Change Graciela Ocaña today presented a request for information to the Ministry of Health to “justify which people outside priority groups, including political leaders and personalities from the entertainment scene, have received the vaccine.”

He did so after this Friday the journalist Horacio Verbistky, 79, revealed that he received the vaccine at the Ministry of Health, after consulting the head of the area, Ginés González García.

Ocaña also demanded that the health portfolio indicate “how the doses of the Sputnik V vaccine are being distributed in each of the provinces and what is the criteria for the Government to define the number of doses it sends to each jurisdiction“.

“It is evident that the province of Buenos Aires has been more favored than other districts such as the City of Buenos Aires, the province of Córdoba or the province of Santa Fe, and therefore it is necessary to know what are the criteria that justified this decision”, stressed in a project released this Friday.

Vaccination of “persons outside the priority groups”

At the same time, the legislator of Public Confidence asked that “it be justified that people outside priority groups, among which are political leaders and personalities from the entertainment environment, have received the vaccine and if there is a national registry of people in conditions of receive the vaccine according to the Strategic Plan “.

The draft resolution demands that the parameters be reported so that the City of Buenos Aires has received some 50 thousand vaccines, while the province of Buenos Aires has received more than 197 thousand vaccines.

“This would not be the first time that some provinces have benefited more than others in the distribution of supplies to face the pandemic. Let us remember that we have already seen how the National Government has discriminated some provinces, for example, in the distribution of respirators, among others inputs “, questioned Ocaña.

In the letter, he also requested that the Ministry of Health “indicate whether once the doses are received, each province has the power to distribute them in the way that it considers or if it is agreed with the State, as well as whether a population control is carried out. that it is vaccinated in each of the provinces to verify that it is effectively guaranteed that the doses are provided according to the criteria established in the Covid 19 Vaccination Strategic Plan “.


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