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Alberto Fernández’s son denied having bought a Ferrari and assured that it is a fake news that circulated on a WhatsApp chain

Estanislao Fernández, known to all as Dyhzy, went to the crossroads angry and denied a fake news that circulated about him driving a Ferrari.

The alleged news went viral through a whatsapp chain where a young man, supposedly him, was shown in the very high-end car.

Imdignado made his release through a series of stories on his account Instagram, where it has more than 400,000 followers. “I didn’t buy a Ferrari. If your source of information is Facebook, you already have a problem. That kid who was photographed doesn’t have tattoos on his hands, and he has black hair. I have purple hair. Check? things never, right? “he said at the beginning.

In turn, he added: “Facebook is full of Gladys, and I say that because the ball … that was having it is called that. Nothing, I clarify because it is better to be forewarned, always,” continued the son of the president of the Argentine Nation.

The influencer posed undressed and shared the photos with his followers

An egg sucks me, but they no longer know what to lie with. They grab me and say ‘he bought a Ferrari’. If I had the money to buy one, I wouldn’t be here, I would have taken a giant vacation. I would travel the whole country or Europe, I don’t know how much one costs, but I suppose you can have a nice trip, “said Fernández.

In its discharge He referred to the photo that circulated and lamented for the boy who is portrayed: “What does upset me is that the kid from that Ferrari published a photo without his consent and the photo of his patent. harassment exists in a million ways. It can be street, sexual, and this is too. Not me, but that poor kid who was inside a Ferrari, “he said.

Additionally, Dyhzy rated as “extremely violent” what happened and he added: “I am sure that this was done by a political group. This is how it operates in politics. I do not do politics but it is the fart that I clarify,” he concluded.

Some stories later, the President’s son uploaded a photo where he is seen posing practically naked and with his genitals exposed. In addition, he shared material about his work as a DJ.

Another suggestive photo

The president’s son, Estanislao Fernández or Dyhzy, set social networks on fire with sensual images and videos.

“All kinds of situations,” he wrote on Instagram when he published a video where he enters his house barefoot and wearing shorts and a black T-shirt, to transform into a drag queen wearing a thong.

As a consequence, in just a few minutes, garnered thousands of views, likes, and glowing comments.

And then he started showing the pictures he took on his bed: “A set was broken on the camuchi,” Dyzhy wrote.

In the images he is seen on the mattress with a little black thong along with her DJ console.

Dyhzy has more than 400,000 followers on his main account. However, a few days ago he decided to open another one that has more to do with the news about his work as a DJ.

Days ago, on his alternative account, called @ tt.wav, in which he has almost thirteen thousand followers, he shared a story from his user with more fans so that they can go see a sensual photo. “I uploaded a photo re uwu @ tt.wav, ok?” He indicated next to an image of his thigh.

“All uwu”, he wrote at the bottom of the photo that shows him stretching his shirt to cover his private parts, since according to what can be seen in the image, he did not use underwear.

But it’s not the first time. The drag queen artist has already shown his sexiest side on the networks on several occasions, posing in a bikini or even cheering for a total nude in which she just covered herself with her DJ console.

Surprisingly, and despite the praise he received, the 26-year-old deleted the image from his Instagram feed and it is no longer available.

Dyhzy is still in full swing as a DJ

The son of the president of the Argentine Nation continues to work a lot at night, playing his music at different parties that are outdoors and have health protocols regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The 26-year-old provokes social networks with controversial photos

Does your name change?

“Dyhzy” is also recognized in the YouTube streamer and on social media for his Drag Queen profile. He recently confessed in an interview that his original birth name did not represent him and that he sometimes considered changing it.

I have considered changing it for Tani, which is what all the people who love me call me“suggested the graphic designer.

“Did you see that in the interview I said that I kind of had considered changing my name at some point? And I kind of think about it sometimes and everything. They made a big deal out of it and took out a million assholes, implying that I’m transitioning or that, I don’t know, like I’m changing my identity, “the 26-year-old attacked.

Those who do not feel identified with their birth names usually face the same problems that Fernández goes through, that is why he clarified: “The truth is that it is bullshit to say those things, because first, the identity I already have built, thank you, and what I said with that, the issue of the name change, is that at some point I came to consider changing my name because they do not respect that I ask not to be called by the name that my ID has “.


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