Cristina will not receive two PRIVILEGE RETIREMENTS / Argentina News

A court heard three appeals and thus reversed the payment of the two pensions that had been authorized at the end of last year

The vice president Cristina Kirchner It will not collect two privilege pensions simultaneously, after Judge Ezequiel Pérez Nami, subrogate in Court No. 10 of the Social Security jurisdiction, granted three appeals on Thursday that appealed against the sentence that enabled it in December 2020.

According to this new resolution, the vice president will only continue to receive one of the benefits and will not receive retroactive payments or interest.

This is the letter published this afternoon on the page of the Judiciary.

The resources of the opposition

Justice accepted this Thursday the intervention of the deputies of Together for Change in the case related to the double honorary pension to Cristina Kirchner and granted the appeals filed by the legislators.

The decision of the surrogate judge in federal court number 10 of Social Security, Ezequiel Pérez Nami, has suspensive effects on his own decision in December, so the Vice President of the Nation will collect a single pension until the National Security Chamber Social take a final resolution.

The deputies Alfredo Cornejo and Alejandro Cacace made a judicial presentation together with other deputies of Juntos por el Cambio, to intervene as third parties and appeal the judicial resolution by which “the Vice President of the Nation was unduly granted a double lifetime assignment.”

Legislator Cacace highlighted the recent controversy over the pension update formula and stressed that “While 80 percent of retirees collect the minimum credit of 19,035 pesos, the Vice President of the Nation obtained a favorable resolution to collect two monthly lifetime allowances, for which she will not pay (income tax), in addition to the salary she receives as Vice President. ”

One of the pensions is for having been president and the other for Néstor Kirchner

Why did Cristina Kirchner receive two allowances?

The pensions that benefited Cristina Kirchner correspond to her own per having been president and another as pension derived from her husband, The ex-president Nestor Kirchner, both for life, with retroactive interest and without paying Income Tax.

The deputies of the macrista nucleus, accompanied by their colleagues Luis Petri, Graciela Ocaña, Jimena Latorre and Dolores Martínez, presented a document to appeal the decision of judge Ezequiel Pérez Nami of December 2020 and remarked that “according to article 5 ° of Law 24,018 only corresponds to one “of the assets.

“Cristina Kirchner is going to collect 2 million pesos per month, and 100 million retroactive while the income of the vast majority of retirees depends on a formula thought and designed by the Government to disadvantage them. The only retiree favored by this government is the Vice President“, the radical Cornejo warned harshly.

And he added that “Justice resolved the way it did, largely because ANSES did not defend the interests of the State as it should have done during the judicial process.”