What part of the body is most important? / Argentina News

This is the new psychological test that is viral on the networks and will reveal your personality based on which part of the body seems most essential

Personality tests are known for their popularity on the networks. From the choice of a shape, color or image, many things can be said about each person. Depending on the test, it investigates different qualities of the person who performs it, such as their attitudes, their way of relating, or even the aspects of life that must be improved to achieve fulfillment.

What part of the body seems most important to you?

This time, The test calls for reflection: “What part of the body is the most important for living?”. The answer to that question yields a result that defines your personality and the modifications you would have to make to enjoy life more.

Options are: skeleton, muscles, circulatory system, nervous system, and digestive system

What does your choice represent?


This moment of your life cries out stability. You have to focus on what can sustain you. You are a person who, in order to feel safe or protected, sticks too closely to the rules. Spontaneity is a characteristic that you cannot lose sight of, and keep in mind that some unforeseen circumstances can arise in life.


If the muscles caught your attention, it means that you need to feel strong to be okay. You characterize yourself by your personality strong And you worked hard to get everything you have today You consider that there is no commitment if you do not have power, but you need to make room for your feelings and emotions. If you put aside some of the most important things in life, such as love, friendship, and family, do not give up and find the opportunity to reincorporate them into your life.

Circulatory system

If this was the option that stole your attention, it means that you are a very sentimental. For you, love and passion are the most important things in life, and they are the values ​​that guide your actions.

Nervous system

The rationality is the main thing. You can be described as an intelligent person, who learns quickly and has a great capacity for progress. This does not mean that sometimes you can face situations with pessimism. You need to change your thoughts.

Digestive system

If you chose the digestive system it is because you are a person who takes great care of himself. You like to enjoy the pleasures of life and never leave aside the Health nor well-being. The problem is that, sometimes, by putting your own well-being so much before, you start to be a bit selfish and you focus too much on yourself. To straighten out your life, we recommend you listen a little more to others and learn that everyone can teach you something.