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In a broad discharge he made through his Instagram stories, Dyhzy Fernández was very angry. Against whom did he aim

Dyhzy, the son of President Alberto Fernández, was accused of participating in a clandestine party as a DJ. In his discharge, he clarified that “it was a job”, that “it was not a prohibited event” and that “he is tired of being criticized all the time.”

In a broad release that he did through his Instagram stories, Fernández was very angry. He confessed that he cannot get a job and thanked those who did trust him as a DJ, which is what he likes to do the most.

Dyhzy clarified that “it was a job”, that “it was not a prohibited event” and that “he is sick of being criticized all the time”

True to his style, he claimed to be “sick of them lying about me“” I can all go in line to suck the ort … “, threw a very angry young man after the publications that accused him of committing a serious offense.

I do not do partisan politics and they will never understand that“” Excuse the anger, but I want to say it because I don’t want to eat a quilombo for ten old mobs. “” I’m fed up, I’m angry, “he added.

After a few minutes, he explained: “I know that it seems that I am always angry and I express myself in a violent way. I know, but life led me to respond that way but I want to thank everyone who banks me“” People are bothered that I exist, that I am a trolo, that I dress as a woman, that I talk about what I want on Instagram, “said the president’s son who, after several stories, and after crying, thanked the support of all who texted him.

In the middle of the discharge, Dyhzy published the clarification by the organizers who explained that Since the bars were enabled, these types of events have been held. That more than 10 DJs have passed and that they have everything in order.

“We started with a tablet on the sidewalk and went post street to the terrace,” they said. “Now why did Dyhzy come to think of putting this together?” They asked.


The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quiros, highlighted that “half of those infected” with coronavirus detected by the public health system of the City of Buenos Aires is asymptomatic, for which he stressed the importance of increasing the testing capacity to reverse the case curve.

In addition, Quirós affirmed that a “stabilization” and “maybe a little drop“in the number of infections that were detected. Last Sunday 1157 were reported in the City.

“In the public sector, 50% of the reported patients are asymptomatic”, explained the Minister of Health and stressed that “ City it is one of the few jurisdictions that tests asymptomatic patients in Argentina. “” These are cases that in other statistics would not be represented, “he said.

Fernán Quirós, half of the coronavirus cases are asymptomatic in the City of Buenos Aires

Fernán Quirós warned that half of the coronavirus cases are asymptomatic in the City of Buenos Aires

They seek to intensify the tests

Asymptomatic patients are a problem for the health system since, by ignoring their condition of infected they continue their lives normally and put their close contacts at risk.

Every day situations are known where a person who did not register any of the symptoms of coronavirus ends up taking the disease to social gatherings. Family gatherings, with friends and clandestine parties where the norms of social distancing are not respected or the use of a mask are usually great focuses in this regard.

Therefore, in the management of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta he aims to go out to look for those cases, increasing testing.

“Since December 10 we have intensified the tracking and testing in the city. We went from doing about 4,000 to 5,000 tests per day in the peak of August to between 15,000 and 18,000 per day, “Quirós specified in radio statements.

In this regard, he assured that in Buenos Aires territory “testing capacity tripled”, and that “helps to control the pandemic” while showing “numbers of more asymptomatic people.” As specified, the positivity index of Covid-19 it is in a range of “between 13 and 15%”.

As an example, he indicated that “in the public sector, who does 70% of the tests, the positivity is 8% “, while” in the private sector the positivity is 35%, since there people go to consult when they have symptoms. “