Salaries in 2021: how many raises do companies plan to give

“Uncertainty and pessimism” are the words that dominate the remuneration agenda in 2021, says Grupo Adecco, a subsidiary of the company that is a world benchmark in human resources consulting.

The data comes from the Group’s 2021 Salary Guide, which reflects the situation of the Argentine market in an updated and permanent way. Of the work, which ended at the end of November, 365 companies participated and 219 positions were relieved.

Seventy-five percent of the companies consulted indicated that the two words at the beginning define the prospects for remuneration this year.

According to the study, 33 percent of the companies consulted plan to make two salary adjustments during the year, 27 percent will make three changes and 18 percent only one for the whole year.

IT profiles are the most sought after this year, followed by salespeople and then engineers.

“When deciding to grant a salary increase for employees, companies frequently use criteria such as performance or merit, alignment with the market (general and / or specific), increased cost of living, internal equity and others such as the adjustments by union agreement in order to avoid or mitigate the overlap ”, explained Sonia Enriquez, manager of Payroll of Adecco Argentina.

The highest salaries are those paid in Patagonia, followed by the city of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, Cuyo, Centro, NOA and NEA respectively.

Employee benefits

In an environment of depressed salaries, companies are betting on adding other benefits to complete salaries. 68 percent of companies offer discounts and benefits in shops.

Meanwhile, 68 percent of the firms offer free access to postgraduate courses and courses to develop professionally, most of them specifically for middle and hierarchical managers.

Work-life balance: 73 percent work with flexible hours, birthdays, compensatory days, paternity days and extended leave.

If compared to previous years, this was the profit that grew the most.

Other benefits that companies also grant have to do with emergency loans, coverage of expenses for family responsibilities and participation in stock packages.

Star profiles in 2021

When asked in what type of profiles they will increase their endowment, they affirmed that they will be:

  • operational and production (47 percent)
  • commercial, marketing and sales (24 percent)
  • IT profiles (20 percent)
  • administrative (12 percent)
  • financial and accounting (10 percent)
  • directors and managers (five percent)

In addition, 55 percent of executives say that the demand for permanent staff is currently greater than temporary.

For their part, companies believe that the most difficult profiles to find will be IT (28%), operational and production profiles (25%), and directors / managers (15%).

The best-quoted profiles, according to the Human Resources directors of multinational and national companies, are those of IT, followed by commercials and then engineers.


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