Isabel Pantoja takes away from Kiko Rivera the car that she gave to her granddaughters / Spain News





It seems that there is not the slightest possibility that Kiko rivera and Isabel Pantoja make peace. After the DJ initiated the pertinent legal actions against his mother to recover what corresponds to him of the inheritance of Paquirri, the tonadillera does not want to talk about her son again. A civil process, because being first-degree relatives cannot open a criminal process. For its part, Cayetano and Francisco Rivera They have closed ranks on this issue and have also taken legal action against his father’s second wife.

Last week it came to light that the singer is willing to part with Cantora as her mother miss Ana pass away. She has been fighting for years against the disease of forgetting that has put her on a bed from which she barely moves. Then Isabel will land in between and go to Mexico or Miami, as she assures Beatriz Cortázar.

But before leaving, he wants to leave everything closed in Spain and has already begun to collect what is his. As stated last weekend Jose Antonio Aviles In the program “Viva la vida”, Isabel Pantoja has decided to recover the car that she had given to her son and daughter-in-law, Irene Rosales, as a “gift for her granddaughters” and that the mother of the little girls used on some occasion to take the girls to school. To avoid seeing each other’s faces, the artist had the help of two of her friends who came to the couple’s house to take the vehicle. “We already expected it, it was a shame that the car was there, we were no longer using it,” confirmed Irene Rosales, also a collaborator of the program presented by Emma Garcia.

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