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Psychological tests show our qualities according to our choices. The bird that catches your eye the most will reveal your deepest features

Another psychological test came to light to evaluate our way of seeing and behaving in the world. The new test consists of choose one of the five birds in the picture.

What bird do you choose?

Look carefully at the image and define which bird you like the most. Look at the number next to it and find out what your choice means.

These five options mean they represent different ways of approaching life. Which one do you choose?

What does the bird you chose represent?

Bird number 1

Happiness abounds in your life and you enjoy every second of it. You take advantage of each new day to fully enjoy it, from beginning to end. Your basic characteristic is curiosity, a great ally to avoid boredom, since you will always find something to do.

Bird number 2

Harmony and goodness reign in your life. You feel secure in the shelter of society, and you pour out all your confidence by telling and listening to more intimate secrets. That’s because everyone knows that you are capable of looking at the situation without reproach and without panic, and then give the appropriate advice.

Bird number 3

Rationality is the North of your compass. You analyze situations excellently, and this is how you form your own opinion on important issues.

If you chose this bird, open your eyes, because you have to be prepared to avoid confusion with the variety of options. You are a focused person with inner peace.

Bird number 4

You live your life as an emotional up and down: one day you can be in a good mood, prepared to meet your goals and face any obstacle, and the next day you can be looking for solitude and a measured life. You keep looking for the balanced path you are looking for.

Bird number 5

You are above all a person sure of your abilities. You are characterized by having a lot of vital energy and you are always willing to share it with the rest.

Positive vibes surround you. Many times, to regain lost strength, you have to stop for a while and be alone with yourself.