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The holidays of the political elite in times of crisis have always deeply irritated public opinion. And with the coronavirus pandemic out of control in half the world, presidents, prime ministers and royalty must measure their movements very well. The Kings of the Netherlands were already forced to sing the mea culpa for escaping to Greece and now the darts are directed towards the Argentine president Alberto Fernández. While Guillermo and Máxima from the Netherlands tried to keep their days off a secret, the wife of the Argentine president, Fabiola Yañez, has had no qualms about airing to the four winds her recreation plans on the always dangerous and indiscreet Instagram. The photo is not wasted. The couple, with their puppy Dylan, pose in front of a helicopter. “Dylan baptism flight … Doggy love, rest days,” he wrote in reference to his holiday at the Chapadmalal presidential residence, in Buenos Aires province.

The dog, who also has his own Instagram account, “recounted” how his trip was. «Alberto took me flying for the first time by helicopter. We went to Chapadmalal. It will also be the first time that I know the sea! “, Said the dog on the social network.

The frivolity of the messages and images has sparked a barrage of comments. “Delete these photos president, have republican modesty and do it out of respect for the Argentines who suffer the consequences of the pandemic and quarantine,” one of them can read. «Fabiola, with all her affection, changes CM (community manager) because this photo is a scandal of disconnection with the reality of half the country».

Far from being intimidated or trying to erase the publication, the first lady has reaffirmed her position and fired at her detractors. “There is no one who deserves a break more than Alberto”he replied, further fueling the controversy.

Amid so much critical comment, there was no shortage of a defender who immediately brought up the comparisons with Mauricio Macri, who during his tenure took 146 days of vacation, that is, 36 days off per year.

The love story of the presidential couple begins in 2013. Fabiola has a degree in Journalism from the University of Palermo and contacted the politician to carry out her final degree project. «I met him when he gave a talk at the University. I was finishing my thesis and I interviewed him to complete it ».

Alberto Fernández, for his part, was married to Marcela Luchetti, with whom he has a 27-year-old son, drag queen and transformer: Estanislao, known in the cultural world as Dyhzy.

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