TWITTER will censor behaviors that incite VIOLENCE / Argentina News

Twitter says there are indications of other plans for future armed protests on and off the platform, and a second attack on the Capitol

Twitter permanently suspended the account of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, after being widely accused of inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol of that country. And the move will be just part of the platform’s plans to keep incitement to violence online at bay.

In a recording, the executive director of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, reveals during a virtual meeting with the platform’s staff his plans to censor behavior that goes against the social network’s policy and incites violence, something that goes far beyond blocking Trump’s Twitter account in the wake of the assault on the Capitol.

“We know that we are focused on a single account at the moment, but it will be much larger than a single account, and it will last much longer than a single day, this week and the next few weeks. Beyond the opening,” says Dorsey in the video posted on January 14 by far-right group Project Veritas.

Dorsey revealed his plans to censor behavior that incites violence

Dorsey points out to his colleagues that they should think longer-term about this tendency to manifest extremist attitudes over time. “I don’t think all of this is going to go away anytime soon,” he laments.

Twitter also suspended more than 70,000 accounts linked to the far-right and conspiratorial movement QAnon, whose followers participated in the assault on the United States Capitol on January 6.

Members of the movement believe that Trump is trying to uncover an alleged underground cabal of insiders in Democratic politics and the mainstream US media, all the fruit of conspiracy theories. The president did not show his support for the movement, but did acknowledge that its members are “people who love their country.”

In the video, allegedly provided by an “inside whistleblower” on Twitter, the businessman also addresses the issue of America’s extremely volatile political atmosphere. It thus refers to actions taken against extremist content with connections to QAnon.

“You know that America is extremely divided. Our platform proves it every day … And our role is to protect the integrity of that conversation and do what we can to make sure that no one is harmed by that, “says the CEO of Twitter.

Twitter says there are signs of a second attack on the Capitol

Following the leak of Dorsey’s message, the far-right group Project Veritas asked insiders within Twitter and the tech giants to provide more “evidence of corruption and malfeasance.”

Fox News recalled that in the video in which the founder of Twitter appears, nothing is said that is not in the public domain.

“The comments featured in the video were received by our more than 5,400 employees, and are almost the same words that Jack shared in one of his recent Twitter threads that provide context and reflections on our work to protect the conversation in recent weeks.” , says the medium.

“Dangerous precedent”

Jack Dorsey had already argued his platform’s decision to permanently block Trump’s account in one of his threads, and claimed that it had been a correct decision. However, he also stressed that a “dangerous” precedent had been created in moderating “the global public conversation”.

“The damage in real life as a result of internet speech is demonstrably real and is what drives our policy and compliance above,” he stated.

In Dorsey’s view, locks like the one on the president’s account “fragment the public conversation,” “divide us,” and “limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning.”

Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account on January 8, fearing that he could use the platform to incite violence.

The social network admitted that the president’s message that his supporters had a “giant voice in the future” and that they will not be looked down upon or wronged in any way “is interpreted as further proof that he does not plan to facilitate an orderly transition. in government.

Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account on January 8

The president insists on saying that he did not explicitly urge the assailants on the Capitol to act violently. Twitter says there are signs of other plans for future armed protests on and off the platform, including a second attack on the United States Capitol and the state city hall on January 17., reasons why plans to moderate extremism on the platform seem to be the order of the day.