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It was in June 2019 when Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos they said “yes, I want to” in a ceremony held in the Cathedral of Seville, attended by more than 500 guests. As in all weddings, one of the most anticipated moments was to see the bride enter the Church, revealing the biggest secret: her dress. And how could it be otherwise, Pilar Rubio did not disappoint.

The young woman appeared on her father’s arm with a spectacular design by the Lebanese artist Zuhair Murad. In pristine white with a pronounced V-neckline, very tight and with diamonds, it was the dress made by the designer. Layered, Pilar wore an overskirt with a train and a veil. Without a doubt, traditional touch and “rockers” combined to perfection.

Juan Jose Úbeda
Juan Jose Úbeda

This weekend, a year and a half after her big day, the collaborator of «El Hormiguero» has put on her wedding dress again and posed with the spectacular scenery left by the snowfall in Madrid. While other celebrities have taken advantage of the spectacular landscapes left by the storm Filomena to keep a beautiful memory braving the cold completely naked, Pilar Rubio has preferred to “dust off” her Niovia dress and pose with it.

Although the collaborator has gone further and has also published a photo, again with the snow in the background, but this time dressed as “Little Black Riding Hood with her wolves”, as she herself has written through her profile on Instagram. Dressed in a black cape and a black lace bodysuit, Pilar Rubio has posed with her two black German shepherds – simulating wolves. A publication that has been highly commented on by users of the social network.

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