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The coronavirus pandemic affected all countries in the world, but in some cities the impact was more severe than in others

The pandemic hit the whole world. Health systems in all countries were severely affected.

However, there were some cities that felt the impact more strongly than others.

One of them is Manaus, which is the capital of the state of Amazonas, in Brazil. There, the health system was affected by a health collapse as a result of the pandemic, after the oxygen tubes. This forced the referral of more than 750 patients Covid-19 to other states on military planes and to declare a city-wide curfew.

Many patients died of asphyxia due to lack of oxygen tubes, as reported by the Télam agency. Thus, there was a record of deaths and a lack of cold stores to keep the corpses, so the governor of the state of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, decreed the curfew between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the largest city in the South American Amazon jungle.

The Armed Forces sent 356 oxygen cylinders at night, but logistics were not able to meet the emergency situation for Covid-19 patients.

Bolsonaro criticized some of the measures taken in Manaus

“There are reports that an entire wing of patients has died due to not having air tubes. In addition to deaths, the danger of generating permanent brain problems is high,” the scientist from the federal laboratory Fiocruz Amazonia told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. Jesem Orellana.

Despite the fact that Manaus is one of the bastions of vote and support for President Jair Bolsonaro, who stated that he would not allow a new quarantine, the governor decreed the closure of commerce and gastronomy. In response, he received a popular demonstration of Bolsonarista merchants and activists, after which he reversed the measure.

The rector of the Federal University of Amazonas, Sylvio Puga, who manages the Getulio Vargas University Hospital in Manaus, pointed out that the situation is so critical that coronavirus patients without oxygen are being taken to the cities of Piauí, Goiás, Paraíba, Maranhao , Pará, Rio Grande do Norte and Brasilia.

The stories in Manaus

“The hospital was left without oxygen for four hours: they had to call in resident doctors and senior students to do manual ventilation on the patients. It is like being in a war and having no weapons to fight. Patients die in our faces.” said a doctor who did not want to be identified to the State Agency, according to what Telam reported.

The secretary of Health of Amazonas, Marcellus Campello, pointed out that the supplier companies entered into collapse because the consumption doubled in December and January compared to the peak registered in April and May.

“We are facing something unprecedented, the worst peak of the pandemic,” said Governor Wilson Lima, for his part, at a press conference in which he detailed the curfew and the cessation of activities that begin today.

The situation was critical from before today, with more deaths so far in January than there were in all of December.

In Brazil they have begun to apply the vaccine in certain places

In Brazil they have begun to apply the vaccine in certain places

Consequently, the Minister of National Health, General Eduardo Pazuello, has been in Manaus since Monday to closely monitor the critical situation, with seven of the eleven private hospitals, for example, already without spaces to attend patients.

It is important to note that the coronavirus wave also affects the rest of the countryIn other words, the problem is not concentrated only in Manaus. There are seven states in Brazil that already have more than 80% occupancy of their intensive therapy rooms.

This was the context in which the President Bolsonaro He complained that he had been questioned about the use, in Manaus, of the so-called Covid kit recommended by the Government. What is it about? Includes take hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial that he himself had the Army produce and imported from the United States, although it has no scientific proof.

The Brazilian president said that he and his entire government took it and Bolsonarism calls this “early treatment”.

In addition, in the midst of the collapse, the Ministry of Health launched a digital application in Manaus that encourages doctors to give remedies such as hydroxychloroquine as if it were a treatment for mild patients.