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A woman discovered the trick one night when she couldn’t find a ripe avocado to make her guacamole. Do not stay without knowing the secret

If there is a fruit that has many benefits, that is the avocado, also known as avocado. There are hundreds of preparations where to apply it. But the most difficult thing when buying it is knowing its state of maturation.

If we buy it very ripe in the supermarket and do not consume it in a short time, we run the risk of it deteriorating.

But buying it hard can also give us a headache: if it is not ripe enough when we feel like eating it, we will end up tasting a fruit that is not very tasty and difficult to use. This forces us to ask ourselves, is there a quick method to ripen the avocado when we want it?

We have two tricks. For the first you only need a plastic wrap suitable for microwave:

1. Cut the avocado in half vertically and remove the seed.

2. Wrap each half in microwave-safe plastic wrap.

3. Put the halves in the microwave for two minutes.

4. Let stand a few seconds and place them in a bowl with cold water.

Another trick: this time with an oven or air fryer

A woman discovered this secret when she had to make guacamole for some tacos

This secret was made known by an Australian woman who revealed how to mature a avocado lasts in just ten minutes.

It’s very easy: all you will need is an oven or air fryer (also known as an air fryer) and a piece of aluminum foil to cook.

According to the author of the recipe, discovered the trick one night when he couldn’t find a ripe avocado for the guacamole he needed to make some tacos.

His avocados were green and tough, so he decided to cover them with aluminum foil, heat his air fryer to 200 degrees Celsius, and put the fruits there for ten minutes.

When he took them out of the oven, it was very easy to mash them.

“Change the flavor and texture a bit and I would recommend that you let it cool in the fridge, but it works,” he said. He also claimed that they were green inside without turning brown. However, he admits that he would have preferred to use a ripe avocado.

The history of the avocado

The avocado is original of the region that currently comprises Mexico and Guatemala. Human beings have been consuming this fruit for approximately 10,000 years.

One of the data plus curious avocado is where the name by which it is known in some Latin American countries came from, which is avocado. This denomination has its origin in pre-Columbian civilizations, specifically in the Aztecs. That population gave the fruit the name of aocatl, in the first instance, and ahuacatl, in a second stage. Hence, today many people call it avocado.

Avocado is part of the diet of many people in the world

Avocado is part of the diet of many people in the world

Why is it called avocado so?

The reason why in the South of America avocado is known as avocado is directly related to the way it got to the South of America and it spread throughout the region. In this process the Inca empire, who took the fruit after conquering the ethnic group of the Palta Indians in the current province of Loja, south of Ecuador. The Incas moved the new avocado from Ecuador to Cuzco, and adopted this fruit as part of their feeding.

Then the Spanish people, who during the conquest of the territory American would have moved avocado seeds to the American South. It was thus that they finally reached the current Chilean territory.

A Chilean researcher from the Faculty of Agronomy of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso raised the possibility that the Spanish brought avocados to Chile around the XVII century. Francisco Gardiazabal Irazabal published his study under the title History and development of avocado in Chile.

Color change

But there is more. In addition to the story of his arrival at Chile, there are more curious facts about avocado and Dark color from his shell. The work of Gardiazabal Irazabal, the Chilean expert, explains that the avocados that were brought from the north of the continent had brought from the north had their peel of a clear green color, corresponding to the variety known as Fuerte or California.

One of the varieties of avocado has a deep green skin

One of the varieties of avocado has an intense green skin

How did they come to have black shell?

Some avocados they began to change the color of their Exterior, which puzzled people at the time. The population Chilean territories in the Valparaíso area discarded the avocados that they had this color, since they believed that they were in bad condition. Nothing that seems wrong.

In fact, according to Gardiazabal’s slogan, they frequently ended up as pig food.

Everything changed when someone tried to taste the flavor of these dark colored avocados and discovered that they were as rich as the green ones. What happened shortly thereafter was that Chileans only wanted avocados from black color and no longer the greens.

At present, the difference of taste by color varieties green or black the profile of consumers from different countries.