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It was in September 2010 when the Barcelona pop duo Nena Daconte, made up of the singer Mai meneses (41 years old) and guitarist and producer Kim fanlo, decided to separate and end their joint musical adventure. This separation was a media bombshell at the time. The group had been a short time and had been great, but suddenly, it broke and no one knew why. Until after some time, the guitarist clarified that it had not been by mutual agreement: “It was Mai Meneses who made the drastic decision to end our professional relationship as Nena Daconte to start her solo career”.

A few years later, Meneses decided to retire from the world of music due to excesses and his stage fright. And at the beginning of 2019, after six years of silence, the singer resumed her solo career. This week, the vocalist has made headlines after posting a series of cartoons drawn by herself on her social media profile in which she reveals the toxic relationship she lived with her partner in the duo.

But what happened to Mai Meneses during the six years that her retirement lasted? The one who was the first expelled from the second edition of Operación Triunfo fled the stage and found a new professional future in interior decoration and landscaping for individuals, although she had a degree in Law but never thought of dedicating herself to law. In November 2011, he married Eduardo Baeza, who at that time works in the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Popular Party as responsible for the strategy in social networks of Mariano Rajoy. That is why some of the members of the PP at that time attended the wedding as Juan Jose Güemes, Andrea Fabra, Manuel Martos or Amelia Bono.

In June 2012, the couple welcomed their first child. “The most beautiful experience of my life”, as the singer assured through her social networks. Two years later their second child was born and in 2017, Baeza was presented with a professional opportunity in Dallas (United States) and they made the decision to move to the other side of the pond. During the time they spent there, the author of successes such as “I had so much to give you” or “In which star will it be” devoted herself to her role as a mother and in her spare time she wrote short stories, composed and painted, but only as a hobby.

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