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The Government warned that the population must take dimension of the high epidemiological risk that the country is facing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

The Minister of Health, Ginés González García, reiterated his warning to the population to take a “dimension” of the epidemiological “high risk” that the country is going through in the face of coronavirus pandemic and assured that the age group ranging from 20 to 30 years old went from representing 20% ​​of confirmed weekly cases to 27.2%.

“Today in Argentina, 16 jurisdictions have at least one department with a high-risk epidemiological situation, with a growth of cases greater than 20% in the last 14 days and an incidence rate that exceeds 150 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants “said the head of the health portfolio from his Twitter account.

In addition, the national official specified that “the rhythm of case growth in CABA and the rest of the country in December is higher than that observed in June “of 2020.

The Cabinet member also remarked that “in recent weeks, the age group ranging from 20 to 30 years went from representing 20% ​​of confirmed weekly cases to 27.2%” and warned that it is “a growth not seen in any of the other groups. ”

In this context, Ginés González García stated that “it is important to take dimension of the health reality“facing the country.

And he concluded: “We are walking a fine line where the prevention, care and compliance with sanitary regulations they are indispensable to avoid further restrictions. ”

Ginés González García stated that it is important to take dimension of the health reality

What restrictions would Kicillof add due to the increase in cases

The governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, held a meeting this Tuesday with Buenos Aires mayors in Mar Chiquita to analyze the epidemiological situation and the application of the new measures in place to stop coronavirus infections.

At the meeting they talked about the amount of coronavirus cases, the occupancy of beds in each district and the way in which the restrictions arranged last weekend are being applied.

In radio statements, the governor said that he prefers to be taken as “unfriendly” rather than “irresponsible”, when referring to the new measures in place in Buenos Aires to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In this context, he remarked that “the province resolved a suspension of activities from 1 to 6 in the morning and an increase in fines for not using masks and for clandestine parties.”

He warned that “care had been relaxed much“and analyzed that” the increase in infections is very dangerous. ”

During the meeting, the first 48 hours of night restrictions were analyzed. In addition to Yeza and Montenegro, the communal chiefs Gustavo Barrera (Villa Gesell); Cristian Cardozo (Party of the Coast); Sebastián Ianantuony (Miramar) and Jorge Paredi (Mar Chiquita).

It should be noted that in the province of Buenos Aires the government applied the sanitary touch that is in force in 118 municipalities that are in phase 3 and 4, including those of the Atlantic Coast. Those restrictive measures They reach all commercial, artistic, sports, cultural, social and recreational activities between one and six in the morning.

The cabinet coordinator of General Pueyrredón, Alejandro Rabinovich, assured that in Mar del Plata the problem does not go through “the operation of the shops” but through “the underground.” For his part, Yeza said that in Pinamar they were in an epidemiological situation “more or less manageable until the new restrictions began and it became more complex.”

For the Buenos Aires government, controls were relaxed and this impacted on the increase in cases

For the Buenos Aires government, controls were relaxed and this impacted on the increase in cases

General relaxation

The head of Intensive Therapy at Hospital San Martín de La Plata, Elisa Estenssoro, said she was “concerned” about the epidemiological situation, warned that the reappearance of cases occurred with “an unusual speed” and pointed out that the same daily cases of August, “with the difference that before we reached that number slowly”.

“We are worried, we thought in early December, that we were going to have a quiet summer, the cases had dropped a lot, they never went down to zero, but we thought we were going to spend the summer calmly and what happened was due to multiple episodes during December, “said the intensivist.

Estenssoro explained that “there were massive concentrations and people in the street for Christmas shopping“and” that led to a state of loosening of customs; the lack of use of chinstraps, of maintaining social distance and it was a cocktail that ended in how we are; with 13 thousand daily cases in the country “.

“This has also happened with an unusual speed, we are with the same daily cases of August with the difference that in August we reached that number of cases slowly, and now cases doubled in 100 daysIf you see the speed of the curve of cases, it is very steep, “the doctor warned.

For Estenssoro, although the Health staff had been preparing for the second wave, he said that “no one prepared for the speed with which this outbreak occurred.”

“It was the sum of the lack of care of the population, that the community that is part of the Intensive Therapy ended with a lot of fatigue, without vacations, the work in the Intensive Care Units quadrupled due to the greater number of beds and the complexity that they are Covid patients, added to the fear of contagion in a situation of uncertainty, “he added.