They find dead rat in a tomato sauce and order to withdraw batch / Argentina News

The requirement consists of an exhaustive inspection of the plant and that expertises be carried out “within the next 48 hours of the alleged discovery”

A family from the city of La Plata received an unpleasant surprise when find a dead rat inside a box of ketchup. The incident occurred this Tuesday while preparing the ingredients to cook homemade pizzas and found the remains of the rodent in the product of the “Molto” brand. The Government of the province of Buenos Aires requested the province of Mendoza to collaborate with the investigation of the manufacturing establishment located in the city of San Rafael.

“We were at my house with my partner, my three children and two friends,” explained the cook in the lawsuit, entitled “Díaz, Carolina Noel c / Salto de las Rosas SA / Preliminary proceedings”, and added: ” I made the first pizza, I opened the tomato puree at the tip and covered it with a little of it, added other ingredients, cooked it and ate it, the same process I did with the second pizza “.

The family had already eaten some slices of pizza at the time of the discovery, so they are under medical surveillance

Medical surveillance

According to the victim’s account, published in local newspapers, just before the third pizza was made, they observed how a black liquid came out of the box and when they opened it they found parts of the animal. “When starting to prepare it, from the box of tomato puree a dark liquid began to come out, with which since the box was still heavy I proceeded to open it. There I could see that it was a black shapeless mass, apparently with teeth that occupied a third of the box, “he explained.

Faced with this situation, the family members retched and were under medical surveillance. Due to the episode, the Justice ordered that “LOT 1022101 of Molto Brand Tomato Puree be withdrawn from circulation because Public Health is in danger”.

Marcelo Szelagowski, lawyer for the victims, stated that “when they opened it they found what apparently it would be a dead and deformed mammal that looks like a rat“. The lawyer added that” the family is under medical surveillance since he consumed the first two pizzas made with the tomato puree that the apparent rodent contained “.


In the framework of the judicial case brought by the family, the Directorate of Industries and Food Products, dependent on the Ministry of Agrarian Development of the Province of Buenos Aires, requested “the relevant jurisdictional health authority -which in this case is the Province of Mendoza-, to continue the proceedings on the production establishment ‘Salto de las Rosas’, located in San Rafael.

In this regard, the provincial body requested “the pertinent jurisdictional health authority, which in this case is the Province of Mendoza, so that continue the proceedings on the manufacturing establishment“.

The requirement consists of a thorough inspection of the plant and that tests be carried out “within the next 48 hours to the alleged animal found”, measures that were requested by judge Alfredo Aníbal Villata.

Likewise, it was resolved that the analysis requested from the Dr. Tomas Perón Biological Institute is carried out, located at Calle 10 and 526- dependent on the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenas Aires.

In this sense, Szelagowski expressed his desire that a comprehensive inspection be carried out of the industrial plant where Molto and other products are processed and packaged. for the sake of consumers’ health Argentines and their confidence in the food industry on phytosanitary security processes “.