The first water park in the Río Segundo department opens

Everything is ready for the first water park in the region to function in Río Segundo. It is a novel bet within a non-tourist area. The proposal is within the El Norte complex, a 120-hectare recreational, sports and real estate development, located on the side of Route 9.

The park, which will be open to the public next Saturday, has several pools (one heated), different games for children (mangrullo, palestra, zip line, etc.), volleyball court and beach soccer, bar and barbecue area.

The strictly entertainment sector has three pools and three slides of different sizes, which can be seen from Route 9.

“The only thing you have to bring is a towel. We offer the rest here,” says Adrián García, in charge of the venture and owner of the Río Shop chain.

The property already has hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, paddle tennis courts and a gym. In addition, there is a restaurant, a bar and several barbecue areas with grills.

In the coming days they will also set up a party room with capacity for 1,200 people.

They are also making progress in the construction of a sleeping area for 180 people, and a hotel and a nursing home are planned.

Currently, about 60 people work directly or indirectly in this new business unit. They calculate that once everything is working, it will be more than double. The firm Yuriti SA employs about 300 people

The park will be open every day from 2 pm to 8 pm. Admission will cost 750 pesos per person on weekends and 600 from Monday to Friday, with a discount for family groups of more than three people. Children under 5 years old can enter free of charge.


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