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After months of fierce fighting, Belén Esteban achieved last March that his former representative, Toño Sanchís, left his home in Villanueva del Pradillo (Madrid) after the television company bid for it – and won – in public auction. After investing about 50,000 euros to fix the damage, Belén Esteban put the villa up for sale. Undoubtedly, this has been the judicial victory that “the princess of the people” has enjoyed the most after a long lawsuit against her friend, manager and right hand man for having kept a large amount of money from the businesses he managed for the collaborator from “Save me.”


After a few long months of silence, Toño Sanchís has decided to start a new legal battle, this time against all those who harassed him while he was fighting Belén Esteban in court. As Saúl Ortiz publishes on the web “20 minutes”, the former manager of the stars will go to court for the numerous insults and disqualifications of which he was a victim during his judicial war against “the princess of the people.” Harassment for which he had to receive psychological treatment after being accused of infidelity towards his wife, having numerous debts and having defrauded a large part of his portfolio of clients.

According to the aforementioned media, Sanchís would have filed a lawsuit, through his lawyer Javier Vasallo, for continuous indiscriminate attacks on his honor and privacy and for revealing strictly private information between his then client and him. For now, the Valencian has managed to emerge victorious from all the procedures in which his children were involved and therefore related to the protection of minors.

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